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Reefs and May May, to a national consultation: López Obrador [Nacional] – 10/10/2018


Campeche.- Among the projects presented to the approval of citizens' consultation, the presiding officer, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and the Mayan train burst at Atasta, Campeche.

Upon arriving at Campeche Airport, from Mexico City, López Obrador emphasized that the consultations will be part of a government despite the fact that departments of the population that refuse the practice this.

"First of all, we will start building at Dos Bocas, Paraíso, Tabasco, because the facilities, there is a maritime terminal, Gulf oil is coming.

"It is not repealed that the other refinery will be built at Atasta, in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, we first need to do the consultation so that the citizens are the ones who decide," he said and Tabasco in the air terminal.

Atasta is a neighboring community of Ciudad del Carmen, where there are Laguna de Términos, a natural area protected by Mexican environmental legislation due to its biodiversity.

He asserted that all projects of these dimensions will be the subject of consultation when citizens are directly involved. Prior to the questioning of correspondents at Campeche's air terminal about the Mayan Train he said that the consultation would be national.

"Everything, of course, will be consulted to every community, as established in democratic practices.

"It's no longer the time of the installation, what's happening is that some do not want to accept the new reality and oppose the consultation of citizens," he said at an interview on Friday night.

López Obrador arrived in Campeche along with her wife Beatriz, son of Jesús Ernesto.

On Monday, a meeting is organized in Merida with governors in the south east.

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