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Real story of Elon Musk


DF interviewed youtuber that replaced the usual Wall Street analysts at the last Tesla results conference, which bored Elon Musk. Amazing to all, Galileo Rusell spoke for over half an hour with the CEO of the automotive and now analyzes the Musk phenomenon with us.

In early May, Elon Musk arrived at the Tesla results conference. The biggest electric car maker in the world had recorded the worst losses in its history. And in just three months he had burned $ 1 billion in cash expenditure. This is the third time that happened in one year.

The atmosphere was time. Muslims anticipated Musk and looked boring. The analysts joined, addressing the least minimum problem in the production line. The CEO born in South Africa was upset. "These questions are so dry, they'll kill me," he complained.

Suddenly something was unexpected. "Let's go to YouTube," he says, manages the conference, and gives the floor to an unidentified young man, with no experience on Wall Street and just a few thousands of fans on the video platform.

The time was badly ill in the financial elite, which the swarm felt, and the next day conflicts saying that the bad attitude of the CEO was a risk, which caused the collapse of the action.

Elon Musk has become a global phenomenon not only because its companies are at the forefront of digital transformation, but because its vision of the future has succeeded in embodying the spirit of the new economy. And his own attitude, who is interested in profit or creating a revolution, has turned him into a hero to millions of fans worldwide (see box).

However, its style creates growing tensions with more traditional Wall Street sectors and shareholder share. The cut at the conference has not been the only worst, no worst, but it was a good example of the effects that the disruptive forces Musk represents them caused in the financial sector.

Galileo Russell was a privileged witness of the episode. It was for Musk to put the floor when it became boring with the analysts, and with him he was talking about the next half hour. The 25 year old was not in that group. Without a traditional MBA or financial training, he still has a real passion for investments, which started at fourteen. After launching a campaign on social networks, it was supported by 150 shareholders to enter the conference. Still surprised by the effects, he agreed to speak to Diario Financiero for his conversation with Musk, his long confidence for the business, and his reasons for betting on Tesla.

– What do you think about the role Elon Musk plays in the current debate?

– Elon is unique and Tesla is also unique, because it is a mission-driven company, which is accelerating the transition to energy and sustainable transport. It is not just an incentive to earn money. That makes a brand so powerful for Tesla. No other automaker has that.

– Although criticism is in control, no-one discusses his talent to create companies that are valued in billions. How do you do it?

– There are three keys. The first is that he thinks everything about the underlying principles of physics. It's a very different framework and that advantage has allowed it to build companies from a base of technological developments. Second, he works 100 hours a week, asleep at the factory, does what he needs to get what he wants. It has the campaign and decision. And the third, the most underestimated, is that he has an artist's creativity, such as Leonardo Da Vinci. I have never seen that combination of physics, creativity and hard work in just one person and I think that's what he does so special.

– Musk recently said that this is the worst year of his career. Sleep in an office next to the production line. There is a concern about your health. Do you think it's a risk?

– It's crazy, but I'll believe that's how it works. When he founded his first Zip2 company, he spent the night in a sleeping bag in the office. I do not know and that's the best of your health. There may be a break point at some point, but that's how he must work. She pushes herself to fall, then she forces herself to take two days away, and then she returns. This is how it has always been and how it will always be.

– There is a large sector on Wall Street that makes short sales things that Tesla will fall.

– I do not know how anyone can sleep at night betting against the only man who never sleeps. If there is anyone that we will never bet on, Elon Musk is. People love their Tesla, a company with incredible products, with CEO who has a long history of success against everything. Why would someone betray against that? Tesla has a huge position against him. When its stock was at US $ 30, what was known as a short crunch, and many betting against losing hundreds of millions when the stock nipped to US $ 200. I think that pattern will be repeated.

– Why are so many people in short jobs?

– I have talked to many of those betting against Tesla, some of the most smart and have more capital at stake, and they have good reasons. They have thought a lot about problems and the business model. The bets are a legitimate part of the market. They bet that the stock will fall, I'll go up. It's fair. At the end of the day, I know where my chips are.

– Is there a campaign against the signature?

– There is a hypothesis of the conspiracy that those betting to spread against negative news, and that this damages the company. I do not know if I believe that, but I think Elon believes that and that's why I wanted to get Tesla out of the bag.

– Reports about his mental health were written, he tweeted a quotation from Tierra Baldía, a fatty poem by Eliot, and stimulates for mixing sleep and alcohol pills …

– The biggest concern is that something is happening to Elon and can not manage his companies, so I hope his mental health will continue well. I think it's fine, it's tired. It exaggerated much and those articles tried to give that image, but the same day he interviewed a channel on the Internet where it looks a little tired, but quiet , logically. Maybe take sleep pills. It seems normal to me. Millions of people do. That's why I wanted to get the company out of the bag. It is tired of people who do not focus on the true story.

– And what's the actual history of Musk?

– That the world changes, their cars are destroying all others when selling in the United States, and that the main plan proposed twelve years ago, that no-one would think it would happen, will now happen. You lead the most revolutionary company, and move it on with the most complex product that you can imagine, and you succeed. That does not sound as CEO with mental health problems, it sounds like a CEO that breaks it.

Elon Musk, the emblem of the new economy

We assume why Elon Musk has become a global phenomenon. And the answer is that their companies are at the forefront of the digital revolution that transforms the world. His future vision embodies the spirit of the new economy better than most. This aspect of Musk, who is interested in profit or innovation, has made it a hero for millions around the world. And Chile is not an exception. In April of this year we posted an article on local distributor plans to import Tesla cars to the DF website. The note is the fifth one that has been read so far this year.
The special style of Musk creates tensions with the most traditional Wall Street sector. Tesla's electrical cars – a company that recorded in February 2004 -, which was only a decade ago ago, attacked the traditional automotive. Their "gigafábricas" change everything that is known in production models and scales. Its Solarcity division turns heads into the electrical industry. With solar tiles and smart meters, it has turned homes into large company suppliers and its accumulated plants promise to solve production and distribution problems. The Boring Company, with a network of sophisticated tunnels, could lead to the biggest transformation of city infrastructure in the last century. With SpaceX, the goal is to colonize Mars, put the space race into private hands. Hyperloop, his personal project, is trying to create a new approach to transport, immunity to the weather and accidents, which could unite Beijing and Los Angeles within a few hours. Before I have a taste of the success with creating and selling PayPal.

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