Tuesday , July 5 2022

Pikachu Ash Cap available for Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Pokémon


If you want to get almost all versions of Ash Cap Pikachu for Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Pokémon, you'll be able to do it before December.

Last year, The Pokémon Company a Freak Game An event called an event was created Ash Cap Pikachu (or Ash Hat Pikachu) for Pokémon Sun and Moon. By this one we could have a special version of this pocket monster that came with one of those caps Ash Ketchum have used through anime and franchise. It was a nice way to promote the movie Pokémon – I Choose You! Well now, this campaign is back.

It will only apply to this occasion Ultra Sun Ultra Moon Pokémon. It's just used to celebrate 20 years of the existence of this series. However, on this occasion there are some differences in relation to the previous venture. Instead of being seven Ash Cap Pikachu what we can get, only five of them will be available. Who knows what this is.

Pikachu Ash Cap available for Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Pokémon

Those who can not get them are Song a Johto. But it's possible to get those from regions Hoenn, The Sinnoh, The Unova, The Kalos a Alola. In addition, the codes work not only for Japan, but also for America and Europe. Each of these versions has different movements and something is worth knowing. The full list is the following:

– – Cap Hoenn – LETSGOPIKACHU06.
– – Cap Sinnoh – LETSGOPIKACHU09.
– – Unova Cap – 13LETSGOPIKACHU.
– – Cap Kalos – LETS17GOPIKACHU.
– – Cap Alola – LETSGO19PIKACHU.

It's probably this time that they are all and we have not forced us to select just one. They have until November 30 to get these Ash Cap Pikachu am Ultra Sun Ultra Moon Pokémon. What is the procedure to do? Then, we turn on our N3DS with a copy of the game and choose the option Mystery Gift from & main menu. Then we choose Receive a Gift and after Obtain Code / Password.

Then we accept it, and yet we'll repeat to connect to the Internet. Then we choose one of the above mentioned codes and we get our dear electric squirrel through the person who deals with the supplies in the Pokémon Center. We repeat the process to get the other pockets huge, and in the end we save our game. The last is essential and never should be forgotten.

If you want more information on how to get it Ash Cap Pikachu in Ultra Sun Ultra Moon Pokémon, go to the official website.

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