Sunday , October 2 2022

Phil Spencer considers Latin America as an established market


The Xbox FanFest 2018 in Mexico City caused a lot of expectation among brand supporters in the country and in Latin America, as it is well-known that the region has been well received for the Xbox and freedoms consoles that started and they are grow with every system. Being one of the most important events of the year for the brand, its chief executives were in our country and LEVEL UP had the opportunity to talk to Phil Spencer, who talked to us about how they see and consider the Ladin market America.

During the interview held by LEVEL UP with Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, where topics such as the Xbox Game Gateway and the potential of the mobile design console brand were also discussed, & # 39 ; The relationship with the Latin American market. In that sense, the manager drew attention to the initial plan that Xbox had to present its products in Mexico and Latin America, which had a great response from the public: "I am very proud of & # 39 ; the work our team has done since our products to Mexico and Latin America and the market share we see in this country with Xbox is now a witness, from & # 39 ; r those efforts to bring the consol and place the content and the same thing that happened with franchises such as Gears of War a Halo, who has done this extremely well here. These are not emerging markets for us, they are huge markets, Latin America represents 200 million players, only 15 million players in Mexico, & # 39; n a big market for us, for Sony, for Nintendo and we've done very well here. Mexico is an established market, since it has been a long time, this is our fourth FanFest here and I am delighted to see how the creative community grows. I'm really happy with the fact that a region of players has become a region of creators. "

Following that, LEFEL UP Phil Spencer queried the creative scene of videogamef video in Mexico and Latin America and whether Microsoft and Xbox have thought of supporting in any way. In this regard, the manager considered that the best way to form a creative base is, in the first instance, to bring video games to more people as this will lead to many of those players interested in developing and trying ways to get involved in the industry: "one of the things that I really love to do when I know developers and do something similar, do not necessarily choose one and say my I like it more than others, but know the challenges that they face, one of the challenges What I can now hear for developers, not only from Mexico but from Latin America, is how to get a talent who knows how to make video games and here they started talking about some universities and other things we could do to help create a better creature base for those One of & # 39; The things we do is launch the Adapter Manager Xbox in Mexico and other markets, but we have to enable everyone to be able to play. Players play games, that's how I became interested and started to be young when my dad came home, a computer that was interested in video games than they were, how they were built and started writing code. My way started to be a player, so I think we'll bring video games to all sorts of people, we'll have a better taste. "

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