Monday , January 17 2022

Paola Rojas enjoys her bachelor and swims in a bikini


After the communicator Paola Rojas will confirm that she is single and that "I was back in the market", it seems that has left the difficult situation that it faces after dropping a video close to "Zague"

Paola Rojas has split on her Instagram account Images where she looks happy and with a figure of jealousy.

Recently, the video communicator co-hosted a social network where you see it practicing snorkel, with black bikini with flowers and with a sea star in his hands.

The phrase includes the video "It fell in my hands and we played with us for a while, very happy in the sea".

Straight away horses supporters They told her how well she looked and what a woman was empowering.

"Paola, you look like a beautiful, intelligent and exemplary woman from Mexico's wife."

"You are a woman's beauty and what beautiful body you have."

The video already has more than 55,000 reproductions.


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