Monday , June 27 2022

Orange juice, more harmful and deadly than soft drink: • México study


Orange juice could be more harmful and fatal as eating too much increases the risk of premature death by 24% compared to 1% of the soft drink, according to the Journal of American Medical Association (JAM).

"This is a very important study, especially as fruit juice is often considered a healthy alternative to sugary drinks, although they often contain more sugar (especially juices)," said Gunter Kuhnle, foster teacher. from Reading University.

Salomón Jakubowicz, a medical researcher in endocrinology, said orange juice had negative effects on health.

"By removing the juice from the fruit you get water with sugar, because the vitamins and fiber stay in the fruit. Even without adding, a glass of natural juice has 10 tablespoons of sugar, such as a soft drink and both contain fructose, "said Jakubowicz.

Fructose and alcohol, which is also natural sugar, share the same path through the liver, increases fat in the abdomen and causes fatty liver, says Jakubowicz.

According to JAM, 13,440 people were studied for 6 years, for their use of sugary drinks and 100% fruit juice. During this period there were 1,000 deaths due to various causes and 168 due to coronary diseases.

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