Thursday , May 26 2022

Olga Tañón is exploding in the networks about discriminating against her son



And singers Olga Tañón I could explode the user of the networks that suggested that one of three children was homosexual.

Tañón posted a video in his account Instagram next to his son Ian Nahir, nine years old, singing the song "Amazing Grace".

The user identified as Hector Nieves noted that the child had "the plugin".

"The Woman of Fire" could not include herself and respond to the individual, who has also been highlighted in her stories about her Instagram.

In his virtual count, the Puerto Rican published a number of videos that, in addition to sending a message about education, racism and respect, responded directly to the Internet user who attacked his son.

The singer stated that she shared the lives of her children in the networks, as her supporters are one of the most important things that have happened to her in life.

Thousands of users showed a total support for Tañón and refused the attention to the tiny singer.

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