Thursday , January 20 2022

Oil and anxiety collapse over China arrives at Wall Street AmericaEconomy


New York.- The three main Wall Street indexes closed to Friday's losses, following weak data from the Chinese economy and a further reduction in oil prices worried about global growth.

* There has been a fall of almost 1% on oil prices and accumulated the longest streak of daily fall since 1984, after being dragged by a global supply of growing crude oil and evidence of slowdown in the economy globally.

* "Oil is falling down the market, if oil prices fall there is another sign that the global economy will slow down," said Chris Zaccarelli, chief of the Alliance's Independent League Alliance.

* Dow Jones Industrial Average <.DJI> lose 201.92 points, or 0.77%, to 25,989.3 units, and the S & P 500 index <.SPX> 25.82 points, or 0.92%, dropped to 2,781.01 units. Nasdaq Composite Index <.IXIC> He lost 123,98 points, or 1.65%, to 7,406.90 units.

* The S & P index of the energy sector <.SPSY> 0.4% fell after 2.2% fell in the previous session, when prices from the US were cracked A bear market was confirmed by leaving 20% ​​of its most recent highlight.

* "I believe we're getting lower than October, low economic growth is slowing down but it will not be slow enough for Fed to abstain from rising (rates)," says Jim Paulsen, head of investment strategies from the Leuthold Group.

* Investors did not appear to be ready to take risks, which led to a 1.7 per cent reduction in the S & P index of the technology sector <.SPLRCT>. Apple shares Inc. 1.9% loss and some semiconductor manufacturers <.SOX> They dropped by 1.9%.

* Eight of the 11 main sectors of the S & P came to the end of the day declining. The mass use <.SPLRCS> Here is the biggest winner with a 0.5% increase, while other protective sectors such as public services <.SPLRCU> and real estate <.SPLRCR> they record moderate progress.

* In the midst of the bitter trade dispute between the United States and China, a report showed that inflation to the Chinese producer fell for the fourth consecutive month in October because domestic and manufacturing demand was cool, and also reduce car sales. .[nL2N1XK03O]

* China's report caused global stocks to drummer. At Wall Street, the industry was the most serious sectors <.SPLRCI>, which lost 1%, and basic supplies <.SPLRCM>, which fell by 1.4%.

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