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Muddies "El Chapo" Calderón a Peña; they lie, they will turn


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New York.- On the first day of the trial against Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán Loera in New York, the allegations and arguments exploded as bombs: according to Jeffrey Lichtman, one of the capo's lawyers, Sinaloa Cartel had two Mexican presidents on the list : Felipe Calderón and Enrique Peña Nieto.

According to the defense, he received both "hundreds of millions of dollars" from who is actually the leader of the Sinaloa cartel, Ismael El Mayo Zambada, there are bribes that show how he is "completely and completely corrupt" in the Mexican government who has used El Chapo as "Scapegoat".

"[El Mayo] bribes of the whole of Mexico, even to the top. The Mexican former vice president receives hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes, "he said.

"Although the world looks at the legendary figure of El Chapo, the world does not look at El Mayo Zambada," says Lichtman, and recalls that El Mayo is still anonymous and "has never been arrested ", while the whole focus of attention has always been in Guzman.

A focus that began in 1993, when its figure came out after the murder of Cardinal Juan Jesus Posadas Ocampo, in Guadalajara. According to Lichtman, the Mexican government was responsible for blame El Chapo for that death and said that "it was very possible" that he had also been behind the death of Posadas Ocampo, for being a critic of & # 39; the authorities of the pulpit.

The lawyer thought how, despite the fact that he had never been in prison since the 1990s or victimization, the flow of drugs has never stopped. "[Guzmán] I did not control anything. Maio Zambada, "said the lawyer.

The defense strategy is not new. For weeks they have been trying to describe El Chapo as the organization's simple sub-manager, who made a "farmer". The Lichtman presentation went further, blaming senior officials from the Mexican and US governments, law enforcement officers and even members of cartels, to use Guzman's "legendary and entertaining figure" for their benefit.

Lichtman tried to question the jury about the future cooperative testimonies of the government – drug traders from Mexico, Colombia and Honduras – who will declare against El Chapo for a benefit in the form of a reduction in the sentence visa or a visa in the United States, and "infest" of the country, in a statement that emulated some President Donald Trump.

Here's how the government wants to achieve "the biggest prize that a charge could ever imagine", summarizing Lichtman.

In the meantime, the government introduced the case without large sentences, making a journey from El Chapo's history and is called an alleged leader of "global wide-ranging narco-empire" valued in billions of dollars.

Prosecutor Adam Fels was involved in the rise of Guzmán from adverse starters selling oranges, to loads of tons of cocaine.

He gave graphic examples, showing photographs: four sealed ships -41 tonnes would "be enough to make 328 million strips, more than one the person living in the United States."

The government said that he will present a video showing Guzmán acting as a member of a competitive cartel, recordings where his voice is heard negotiating with cocaine suppliers and said he had proven that he was planning a third escape from prison to avoid extradition.

He suggested that, at some point, he would broadcast the video he made for the American actor Sean Penn.

Today the trial will continue, where Lichtman must complete his presentation of the case – he had to press the respite button at the end of the session per day – and it is expected that the first witnesses case starts circulating, does not know the identity.

It is not known that the first three calls were only two agents of the US authorities and the one of the government's cooperative witnesses.

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