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María Mercedes, and Guatemalan wife who play "La Malinche"


María Mercedes Coroy He has big eyes, a little sad, and a long black hair. When Patricia Arriaga She saw her, knew there was something in her that no budget could be achieved: sweetness, honesty and silence needed to go to the skin of one of the most important women in the history of Mexico: La Malinche.

Suddenly, the producer thought that the choice of a Guatemalan woman would make them call him "malignant", but in fact, the "boundaries" as we know Today exists in the past, we are all the inhabitants of the world.

"I said, what do I do? I did not want to make Cortés and that's why nobody has made the Conquest, it's a package and not everyone comes in. I came in from a female nonsense, "said the producer, who also shared his surprise when he discovered there were dozens of manors in the past and what a strange hatred of Mexica.

"What is my greatest opinion is that we are still Mesoamerican, that we do not continue to be an indigenous culture that this modernity, Spain and the United States, overlapped. "

María Mercedes Coroy, for his part, declared how Malinche was incorporating.

"Indeed, I did not know who she was, I am Guatemalan and I do not know about the history of Mexico, but after being in the casting I started to investigate, Patricia Arriaga told me about this woman and what a great girl, I have made pleasure and it's my honor to interpret it. "

"Malinche" is a series of five appointments produced by Canals Once a Bravo Films. He collects the few registers that exist for the Malinche (Hernán Cortés talks about it only 5 times in his writings), the ingenuity of the authors and the support of historians and speakers of the four languages ​​spoken in it: totonaca, popoluca, Maya to Nahuatl.

All this effort will show, from Saturday, November 10 at 9:30 p.m. on Channel Eleven, a girl's childhood judged by history, her life as a slave,

María Mercedes, who won the public's requirement for her performance in Ixcanul and Belcanto, is the speaker of Maya Kaqchikel, something that makes her proud.

"It's very nice, thank parents for that teaching they've given me, I started talking Mayan since I was a child and I felt & Grateful for the opportunity to speak, are also grateful that they are now being considered, they appreciate that they have very great value, and that we should always find out more roots, from & # 39; n cultures ".

When Maria speaks, shy, Spanish, Maya also looks at her accent. The young girl says that speaking her first language has brought discrimination, but something that is not stopped.

"Yes, I've never lived in it, some ask you where you come and I'll answer that by Santa María de Jesús, then people will know you quickly and they are & # 39; n say, ah, you can not speak Spanish well but it's different, though sometimes and in some places it is true that some people do not understand the percentage percent of Spanish, that does not mean anything, "he said.

In "Malinche", María shares credits with José María de Tavira. Producer and author Patricia Arriaga said the story was perfect for a second season to stay, having a green light soon.


Producer Patricia Arriaga is leading the project that will be launched on Saturday

Canal Series Once will do justice to MalincheCanal Series Once will do justice to Malinche

O Malinche i La Llorona

One of the myths of Mexico argues that the famous crew of "La Llorona" has originated in La Conquista, when "La Malinche" "provided" its inherent children – something the series is trying to claim. In this case, the next María Mercedes project will be starred in the film "La Llorona", in a Guatemalan production, but it was not until Malinche learned that this society was a strange coincidence.

"It's well known and in fact it's heard, I'll believe this is the movie from a cinema in Guatemala, I'll feel grateful and in dedicated to all this, emotion is so great to be in. "


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