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León vs Chivas LIVE semifinal online NOW (1-0) | 12/05/2020

11:24 PM7 minutes ago

Another couple is moving

63 ‘Macías and Molina leave, Beltrán and Torres enter. Just under half an hour and Chivas still needs two goals.

10:15 PM16 minutes ago

Two Chivas Movements

10:13 PM17 minutes ago


53 ‘Nearest to Chivas. Escape from the powerful, left-handed shot, Cota was not going to hit and the ball hit the post.

10:08 PM23 minutes ago

It was the second!

47 & # 39; New attack from León but Gudiño kept going, made the goal small and avoided the goal.

8:47 PM44 minutes ago

The first half is over!

45 ‘With the slightest advantage León goes to rest. The rojiblancos will soon need a goal to get into the game.

9:43 PM an hour ago

Less than five minutes

41 & # 39; Chivas he had! Off the hook to the right but the service did not reach its conductor and León’s back cleared.

9:37 PM an hour ago

10 minutes to the end of the first half

35 & # 39; The game continues without much emotion. The rhythm is the most pleasant but both sets reach the final third with little clarity.

9:32 PM an hour ago

Half an hour of play

31 & # 39; A couple of distant shots have been the visitors’ best approaches. It would be very important if Vucetich’s men went into half time with an equalizer.

9:26 PM an hour ago

Chivas goes for two although León scores one more goal

27 & # 39; Due to the goals away, the rojiblancos are still looking for a couple of annotations, they could even afford to allow one more goal.

9:21 PM an hour ago

The first fell!

17 & # 39; Good play by Mena, service to Campbell and Tico opens the scoring. Chivas needs 2 characters.

9:12 PM an hour ago

The rhythm that León is looking for

11 ‘The script looks as expected; some Ambriz with the ball and Chivas waiting for counterattack. 0-0 we continue.

9:08 PM an hour ago

Leon is slowly approaching

7 ‘The locals are gradually starting to take the ball more. They are looking for that goal that can give them a little more peace of mind.

9:06 PM an hour ago

A dynamic start

5 ‘Chivas and León have argued against possession in the first minutes. Moments of analysis of the opposite.

9:03 PM hours ago

Start the game!

1 ‘In 90 minutes we will have the first final of the tournament.

7:47 PM2 hours ago

An emerald hope

8:40 PM2 hours ago

RIP Chivas, say the emeralds

8:34 PM2 hours ago

This is how Chivas warms up

8:29 PM2 hours ago

Alexis Vega is warming up separately

While this initially raises doubts, Vucetich must know he is physically good to line up tonight as the second striker along with Macías

8:28 PM2 hours ago

Chivas lineup

8:21 PM2 hours ago


The Chivas have advanced the last two times they have tied the first leg of a league series (both at Clausura 2017).

8:18 PM2 hours ago

XI of León

8:10 PM2 hours ago

Gigliotti in doubt

7:06 PM2 hours ago

Chivas dressing room

8:03 PM2 hours ago

Chivas arrived

Chivas has also just arrived at the stadium. This is the opportunity that Ricardo Peláez has been looking for so much since his arrival as Chiverío’s sports director.

8:00 PM3 hours ago

Irresponsible dismissal

7:52 PM3 hours ago

The effectiveness of fear

7:47 PM3 hours ago

Leon arrived

León has just arrived at his house. The emerald team protected by a security device arrived from their concentration hotel.

7:12 PM3 hours ago

Chivas keys to pass

The rojiblancos could tie up without annotations to go to the final, however, the option of making it difficult for León if they score more than two goals, looks interesting. The building’s offering is in line with what some Jalisco’s are probably looking for; attack at speed transfer.

7:10 PM3 hours ago

Leon keys to pass

7:07 PM3 hours ago

Today, we will meet the first final of Guard1anes 2020

We are less than two hours before this game starts.

6:00 PM5 hours ago

Chivas restores Brizuela for the return

The Little bunny He tested negative for Covid and may be back in León. He attended the training yesterday and Vucetich can consider that tonight.

5:58 PM5 hours ago

Less than three hours

It is less than three hours until the ball rolls in León and defines the first final of the Guard1anes 2020 tournament.

5:32 AM17 hours ago

Don’t disconnect from here

In a few seconds we will share the starting lines Leon vs Chivas, in addition to the latest information arising from the Leon Stadium.

5:27 AM17 hours ago

Where and how to watch León vs Chivas

5:22 AM17 hours ago

Watch out for this Chivas player

José Juan Macías, forward. The former Leonese club striker recovered from his injury, saw minutes in the first leg and scored the goal he has in the fight against the rojiblancos. Between his return and Alexis Vega’s return is the best news from those led by Víctor Manuel Vucetich for the second leg.

5:17 PM17 hours ago

Be careful with this player from León

Luis Montes, midfielder. León’s creative will depend largely on the ability of the local team to advance on the scoreboard. Montes is instrumental in Ambriz’s plan. The quarterback needs to have a great night for the Guanajuato team to advance to the next round.

5:12 AM17 hours ago

Chivas last lineup

Gudiño, Ponce, Sepúlveda, Mier, Sánchez, Molina, Torres, Calderón, Beltrán, Antuna, Peralta.

5:07 AM17 hours ago

Leon’s last lineup

5:02 AM17 hours ago

The awarding quartet

The central referee of this Leon vs Chivas It will be Diego Montaño; Miguel Ángel Hernández, first line; José Alfredo López, second line; Adonai Escobedo, fourth assistant.

4:57 AM18 hours ago

Chivas in search of the goal

The rojiblancos averaged 1-1 at home, so a victory of the smallest difference would give them a pass to the final. Similarly, a tie of more than 2 characters or more would be enough for them.

4:52 AM18 hours ago

The superleader scored in the first leg

Although they have not secured a victory in the first game, those led by Nacho Ambriz have the advantage of scoring goals as visitors, as well as having finished the tournament with a better table position.

4:47 AM18 hours ago

Leon or Chivas

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