Wednesday , April 14 2021

How to program a Syri to read your WhatsApp

Technological innovation has helped us many in different aspects and we appreciate it because it is now impossible to remove devices to see social networks or to answer a question. message o Whatspp.

However, we all know that there are situations where we can not see our messages or answer because some activities such as sports or driving could put us at risk.

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<p>For iPhone device owners there is a feature that allows them to get their hands free percent percent and at Techbit we tell you how you can <strong>arrange Syri to read your WhatsApp messages</strong> and avoid some risk.</p>
<p>So that <strong>Syri</strong> after <span style=access In your messages, you must open the Settings> General> Accessibility> Voice. Once you're in Voice, you can select a choice Reading option or Reading screen; the reading will be done high.

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<p>In addition to this incredible option you can listen to your messages, you can also choose the voice of messages being read.</p>
<p>That's easy, <strong>Syri</strong> You can read your messages in those seconds where the screening is impossible. With this function, Syri will read aloud of their messages <strong>Whatspp</strong> For the rest of the apps you're choosing from locations.</p>
<p>Now you know this function that is available on your iPhone, do you trigger to activate? It will surely save you in more than one situation. </p>
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