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He is called violent, mariguanos; deny them rights


After the Playas de Tijuana residents and other parts of the city scared and attacked caravan members, some of the immigrants offered "apology" to the Tijuana community for their presence in the city.

Residents of Playas de Tijuana arranged on Wednesday to show against members of the migrant caravan, but ended up insulting and verbal assault around 100 immigrants from Central America, who intended to sleep in camps laid under the lighthouse on board board from the city.

On his behalf, Juan Manuel Gastélum, Mayor of Tijuana, said there were "mariguanos" and violent people among the caravan members, "who represent a risk to the safety of his residents." He also said that "human rights for human rights".


Migrants are not welcome at Playas de Tijuana; Residents are marching … and finally insulting them

Tijuana, Baja California / Mexico City, November 16 (Z / AP / EFE / SinEmbargo) .- And carafán migrant has found a new tension point and refused on its way to the US: they were not welcomed by a large number of residents Tijuana, Baja California. Group of Playas de residents Tijuana He was organized on Wednesday night to show against the caravan, but verbally insulted and attacked around 100 migrants American referees, who intended to sleep in camps placed under the lighthouse located on the town's side.

For this show of refusal, the support of his Mayor, Juan Manuel Gastélum, who ensured that anyone migrant "who does not respect the law or tranquility of the tijuanenses, will be presented to the National Migration (INM) so that the law is applied and be returned I'm sure ".

Nearly 2,000 Central American people of the migrant caravan arrived at the border between Mexico and the US since Thursday. Photo: Diego Simón Sánchez, Cuartoscuro.

In an interview with The Millennium, the local officer said "mariguanosAnd people violent between caravan members, who represent a risk to the safety of his residents. For this reason, he said he will be conducting a citizen consultation to establish whether they will continue to accept people. If the result is negative, "we'll see how we sort out to get existing ones and put road blocks in Tecate so they will not go in," he said.

"We want the constitutional 33 to be applied, Tijuana The city of immigrants, but we do not want them like this, it was different from the Haitians, they were carrying papers, they were in order, it was not horde, the forgiveness of the expression and I would have Human Rights , but they have human rights for human rights, "he said.

He also called federal legislators to provide them with the necessary support in terms of resources, as there was a need to provide places to serve the caravan members as they stayed in that place.

"These people arrive at a plan aggressive, a pet, with songs, a challenging authority, doing what we did not use Tijuana, that all of Mexico know that it is already good, which allows them to cross the border without any suspension? […] I do not dare say they are all emigrants, but some are lazy, mariguanos, they attack families in Playas de Tijuana, what is that? "he explained. The Millennium.

There are reservations about how Tijuana will treat the arrival of other migrants who are crossing the country and may have 10,000 more members. Photo: Omar Martínez, Cuartoscuro.


Two buses traveled by American Central emigrants traveled on Hermosillo-Nogales Road, Sonora, by the National Migration (INM) and Federal Police personnel with the help of members of the National Commission on Human Rights (CNDH) . , is designated in the society of the Middle American exodus group.

The arrest was recorded on Thursday. Members of the crew were transferred to an INM storage center.


Trump could send up to 15 thousand soldiers to the border with Mexico to give caravans up to date

According to the mid-American exodus, support was sought from CNDH to record the human rights potential human rights offenses on transportation boards, but when the second truck was not lower, the personnel of this organization used force to force them.

"We believe it is extremely serious that CNDH support should be sought to monitor respect for human rights of emigrants and CNDH personnel have worked with INM personnel to get people off the bus," they said. in the statement.

The exodus said the passenger bus refusal, where women, children and sick people travel, was transferred to another migration center without INM agents identifying the destination early today.

He also noted that people traveling by buses had at least two days without food, so they were encouraged not to be deported and their respect for asylum seek and acceptance was certainly, as well as respect for & The family unit and the higher principle of childhood.

Dagoberto Osorio Sosa (right), originally from Honduras, said, "they are completely their rights to be Tijuana residents and protest against us because they do not want us on their beaches, because they are not want our state ". Photo: Manuel Ayala, Zeta


After the residents of Playas de Tijuana and other parts of the city threatened and attacked caravan members, some of the emigrants asked for "apology" to the Tijuana community for their presence in the city.

After interviewing the matter, Dagoberto Osorio Sosa, who was originally from Honduras, said, "they are completely their rights to be Tijuana residents and to protest against us because they do not want us on their beaches, because they do not want us in their state ".


The Migrant Caravans move towards Guadalajara; Most are placed on vehicles

However, he believed that migration was also a right, and he said "to Tijuana people who do not come to usurp where they do not match us, we're going to ask for a refuge".

He added that "unfortunately" had to come to Tijuana because it was a border and not for pleasure or to worry, but decided to come and ask the United States President to "give them the opportunity" to enter the country.

"We have a hard time leaving our land, leaving your roots, leaving many things behind your mother, father, brothers, but thank God, I got the chance to join the adventure this with a full suit of shortcomings and my pregnant wife, who gave birth in Mexico and I had to leave in Guadalajara … I know she was very good because I had to communicate she and I know that's very fast, I'll meet her, "he said.

Around 400 Central American people of the migrant caravan were a temporary refuge located at the Benito Juárez Sports Unit in Tijuana. Photo: Omar Martínez, Cuartoscuro.

He shared that he was currently making the necessary arrangements through the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) to meet a wife, who had a baby and who wanted to meet immediately while They have the opportunity to go to apply for asylum.

In terms of the attacks they were victims, he shared that he was personally afraid to continue on site because there were many people who thought he could do some damage, so he decided to go to the shadow and imposed by the municipal and state authorities.

"For us the attacks were like a bucket of cold water, because on the one hand you have people who put clothes, blankets, food to you, they come to read the word of God, but on the side Another, we had that group of jewels against us, then it was like the bucket of cold water and do you think why we're not doing it wrong? "finished.

Members of the American Central migrant caravan remain in a refuge today, in the city of Tijuana in the state of Baja California (Mexico). Photo: EFE


Hundreds of migrants from the second caravan go through these days leaving Mexico in the final hours of the Mexican capital heading to Tijuana, where thousands of them remain on the border to present their asylum application. territory of the United States.

"The Mexican State Human Rights Commission (Codhem) team goes with groups of American Central migrants as they go through the Mexican State from Huehuetoca to Querétaro. Close cohesion is being held with the Human Rights Commission of Querétaro, sharing humanitarian aid actions", informs the President of Codhem, Jorge Olvera, on Twitter.

According to the latest reports, hundreds of emigrants from this second caravan, mainly Hondurans, left during the final hours of the sports complex where they stayed in Mexico City to reach Queretaro and Tijuana.

Most of the stadium left on foot to reach a vehicle that was transporting them for free, although some of them paid a bus pass.

However, in the capital there would be around a thousand people, who could spend a weekend in this space, and who could be added by people from other caravans who came to the country afterwards.


Thousands will be mitigated in North Mexico, the government undermines the chaos that ends: Tony Payán

Meanwhile, on the Tijuana border, in eastern Mexico, thousands of migrants from the first caravan, which left San Pedro Sula, Honduras, on October 13, have already reached the US border to ask the lodge

It is expected to reach hundreds more in the next few hours, where neighbors of some colonies, such as Playas de Tijuana, where border boundaries are entering the sea, have protested their presence, causing Elements of tension and even reach minor aggressiveness. .

According to the state authorities of Baja California (to the northwest), before this caravan was over, almost four thousand people were waiting for their turn to go through the US migrant station.

Two other caravans, which include a number of thousands of people, most of whom are Salvadorans, have also been following their route through Mexico for several days, moving through the south and south of the country, still thousands of kilometers from the border to the US.

The tension grew in place and the Federal Police elements had to intervene to avoid conflicts. Photo: Omar Martínez, Cuartoscuro


Residents of Playas de Tijuana arranged on Wednesday to show against members of the migrant caravan, but ended up insulting and verbal assault around 100 immigrants from Central America, who intended to sleep in camps laid under the lighthouse on board board from the city.

Initially, neighbors of the area, who found the arrival of the first group of Caravan belonging to the LGBT community who arrived at the Playas de Tijuana delegation express their dissatisfaction with the presence of the emigrants. to discuss your concerns.

Mainly, they say to the media that they are worried about their safety and to find out about the number of migrants who would arrive and whether they had any criminal prospects.

However, residents of the area decided to mark Mexican banners to where the emigrants were. Immediately, a group of men and women began to insult and migrate and demand them to leave the country.

The neighbors expressed their concern when reaching thousands of migrants in the area. Photo: Omar Martínez, Cuartoscuro

Elements of the Municipal Police and the Federal Police that were present at the site intervene so that the exhibitors did not physically attack the emigrants, as some of them already lay on the floor in sleeping bags.

However, the Central Americans assured that they were not offenders, sought respect and thanks to the help that other Mexicans have put on their way to Tijuana.


The Jalisco Government took the migration through a truck and was disposed of with the police, they accused

"These leave all Mexicans in trouble," said one of the emigrants, while the protesters continued their refusal.

Up to 10:00 in the night, only half of the emigrants agreed to go on the trucks, and he needed six lids.

"God could soften their conscience and let them know that we are emigrants, we are not offenders. All of us who have come to this caravan have suffered 38 days to come here, in any state they have told us Yes, they all gave us everything. If I do not wear shoes, this is the reason they give me, if I'm warm, because they are & # 39 ; I know it's ice cream, "said Jairo Soto, one of the honders migrant.

On their behalf, Playas residents chose to sing the national anthem and shout out slogans from "Mexico!", As well as approving each time a truck with emigrants would leave the shelters.

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