Friday , August 19 2022

Google forget to mention a microphone in your security system


Google He said on Wednesday he forgot to mention that his alarm system was home Nest Secure including a microphone, the most recent privacy error of one of the leading compilant companies of personal information in the technology sector.

The company had stated in the beginning of the month that its voice assistant function would be available on the system Nest Guard device, which controls the alarm sensors of the home.

However, Google did not tell consumers that these devices had integrated microphone when it began to sell them by the end of 2017. Even in January, the product specifications still did not mention the microphone.

Google said in a statement that the omission was a mistake.

"It was never intended that the integrated microphone was a secret and should have been included in the technical specifications"He said.

The microphone has been disconnected since the device came out to the market, and customers must activate it specifically, said Google. Business Insider was the first means to report that the microphone did not appear in the product description.

Google and other internet companies are under the magnifying glass due to their data compilation practices. The forget about the microphone is not the first aspect of the company that raises concern among users on grounds of privacy.

According to an investigation from The Associated Press last year, this news agency determined that Google tracked through its applications and search services the location of the users even if they had deactivated the function.

And in 2010, Google admitted that he had compiled by accident a certain activity on the internet of wireless networks open by using his Street View vehicles.

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