Friday , May 27 2022

Diabetes, the main reason for death – LA PRENSA DE MONCLOVA


Diabetes is a chronic degenerative disease that, if not controlled by good control, causes multiple complications in the organism, which is why the reason for the first death is the holder of the Mexican National Institute of Sponsorship (IMSS) Coahuila.

The expert in internal medicine, Martín Alfredo Segovia Domínguez, explains that early identification of this condition is a key to preventing or delaying damage, so it is recommended that six units go to study studies.

On the other hand, when the person does not have an adequate supplement to the treatment, complications usually occur in the medium or long term that have side effects on life and quality, some of which are heart disease and Reduction in renal function.

Other effects that do not affect life, but reduce its quality, reduce visual disturbance affecting the circulatory system, neuropathy and diabetic footprint; the result will depend on the opportunity in the attention, the attachment to the treatment by the patient and the level of damage in the organism.

There is ample enough that obesity, sedentary lifestyle, high blood pressure and genetic presumption are some of the main causes.

Repeating people can have unborn diabetes, so if symptoms such as high thirst, dry mouth, frequent urination, frequent desire and unexplained weight loss, among others, seek medical attention.

Finding diabetes is fast and simple, ideally, once a year is done in every person, who has a genetic load or risk factors, as the symptoms can not be detected.

In each medical unit of Social Security Operations, the aim of prevention programs, health education and self care, from school age to adulthood.

Segovia Domínguez emphasizes the importance of prevention and if you already have a treatment, take it to the letter.

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