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COPD would be the third cause of death worldwide


On November 21, a date to reflect Global Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary (COPD), an increasing lung condition and life threat characterized by a continuous reduction of airflow was selected.

It is considered very common; In 2016, there were 251 million cases registered in the world. In America, it is estimated that 13.2 million people live with this disease and in Mexico it affects 7.9% of the adult population.

COPD is about to become the third cause of death worldwide and has a physical disability, because some patients rely on drinking oxygen for at least 18 hours a day, which restrict their daily activities. For all these reasons, Dr Marco Polo Macias, a specialist in pulmonology with high expertise in bronchoscopy, tells us about the importance of treating this condition and managing options, as it is impractical.

"Efforts to diagnose and prevent better have increased, however, the task has not stopped, as many people suffer from it and do not know much," he said. .

The expert explains that this disease is related to smoking, but in Mexico, thanks to research from the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases, it is known that patients who are vulnerable to wood smoke ( due to biomass) occupy an important place, with 25% of cases, against 10% worldwide. "In populations with an important rural area, where firewood is used as a means of combustion, these data become fundamental".

The 2019 Gold Guidelines update for COPD has recently been published. "The first episode, which refers to the epidemiological panorama of the disease, which is still a risk factor for low socio-economic status (…) Lack of knowledge, a little awareness of risk factors , high smoking rates, are striking. "It's something that really affects the low income population".

So he said that the diagnosis is extremely important: "If you have patients over 40 with respiratory symptoms (shortage of breath, cough, flame), with risk factors such as smoking or exposure to wood or coal smoke, & # 39 ; which is important to perform spatometer ". There is a simple study where a machine is blown. What the study is measuring is the amount of air that enters the body and leaves the body. "When these criteria are taken, the chance of having more diagnosis is higher than this population than if they were made to the general population, which is also a way of doing the best of resources. "

This test has more and more expansion, but should be promoted and educated for first contact doctors for interpretation and study, also explained the respiratory medical manager in GSK Mexico.

Winter season

Dr. mentioned Macias for aggravation or exchanges, acute incidents of patient symptom decline with COPD, which is often happening at present. "These periods are part of the natural history of the disease. More than 70% of patients experience them and have a serious effect on their symptoms, their quality and costs."

He explained to El Economista that a patient with one worsened one year reduces his life expectancy from 25% to five years, with two of them, in one year being reduced by 50 percent. "This is serious, not only one more flu, but an acute decline that can lead the patient to the emergency room. We have something we need to stop and put strategies to reduce & Risk ".

In terms of these strategies, he said that COPD's patient treatment was today, through two groups, the bronchodilators (LAMA and LABA) and the anti-inflammatory (breathing steroids). "Dual therapies are used regularly, but triple therapy (the combination of the three formulas) has recently and with very good news for patients."

In April of this year, the international IMPACT study, the most of its kind, was published. Over 10,000 COPD patients from 37 countries took over 52 weeks. "It has passed the effectiveness and security of triple therapy to prove compared to the combined treatments used. There is something that changes the treatment guides , because the use of this therapy shows a 25% reduction in the risk of aggravating compared to those combined and a 34% reduction in serious aggravation. "

He noted that this triple therapy is now available in the United States, Mexico and some parts of Europe. "Since July this year, we have this therapy available in our country and we hope it will be soon in the catalogs of public organizations, as they make a big difference."

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