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Clowns are trying to kidnap a girl in Neza


Three men have been characterized as clowns they tried them kidnapping girl, seven, in Neza.

Baby dies after being locked in a car for 5 hours

Band members of kidnappers put a child on a blue and white motorcycle, with 8B8LK license plates, to escape. The offense occurred on Avenida Juarez, on the corner of Avenida Riva Palacio, in the neighborhood of Las Palmas o Nezahualcóyotl, Mexico State.

Afterwards, the mother asked for help from the neighbors; meters later, the offenders were to be arrested by elements of the Police.

Photo Clowns Kidnappers May 23, 2019
The "clowns" kidnapped. (Photo: Special)

The "clowns" kidnapped. (Photo: Special)

The prisoners' name was Ángel Iván "N", aged 24; Ulysses Leonardo "N", 25 years old; and Gerardo Arturo "N", aged 35; They were carrying a cell phone containing messages where they were referring to the girl with the term t "The package".

For the time being, the men are in the Public Administration, where their legal status is defined.

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