Thursday , January 20 2022

Byte arrives in 2019 – and yes, he promises to do the same as the latest Vine


Byte is the new app by Vine's creator and will reach 2


Don Hofmann, who is best known for creating Vine – and selling to Twitter – This week announced its new application It will arrive in 2019.

The new application, by the Byte name, will allow users to create short (repetitive) string videos. If this sounds like Vine's essence, it's because it's like. Hofmann himself confirmed that Byte was technically, the second Vine version, an app that was launched in 2012, sold to Twitter that year and closed its operations in 2017 after arriving at Snapchat and Instagram.

Byte's launch will be in the spring of next year, and surely as the launch window is received Hofmann will give more details about the timely relief. Byte has a Web page and you can register to receive information about the availability of the app.

Vine was an Internet pioneer. The application was presented as a catapult for different creatures that now govern in other platforms. Creators such as Juanpa Zurita or Lele Pons began their careers in Vine but then moved to YouTube or Instagram because they are platforms where investing brands and there is room to take their views through advertising; Vine never offered the option to pay money, either independently or under Twitter.

Two other founders Vine, Colin Kroll and Sus Yusupov have also had other projects. Both launched the Hype in 2016 but the app was not ignored. Subsequently, both HQTrivia launched an app that is contrary to Hype gaining fame and stayed there.

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