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Boca and Afon are disappearing and equally in the final leg


Pratto and Lisandro Magallán argue the ball, yesterday. Photo: AP

Errors and successes; successes and mistakes, that is the game between Boca Juniors and River Plate, in the first final of the Libertadores Copa de America, the Millionaires went to the Alberto J. Armando stadium, where they were planted with problems, before local people They did not offer less than that. In the end, he offered the 2-2 shock, but on the way they put a lot of battle, a lot of battle, for very long shortcomings and especially the crude that characterizes South America football.

  • And data: The river expanded 6 or 7 Playoffs Liberating after taking the first leg away from home, including the most recent five. The only exception dates from 1997.

Boca sent the field to Agustín Rossi in the goal, which saved the squad for the first time a few times with interventions by other highlights, with the defense of Lisandro Magallán, Carlos Izquierdoz, Lucas Olaza and Leonardo Jara, who were in more than one occasion they were called; They tightened and tightened strongly the defendants xeneizes and did not want less, the competitor offered more than colorful reachers.

Wilmar Barrios, Pablo Pérez and Nahitan Nández took over the heart of the countryside, where the activity was not a little, rarely temporarily; Ramon Ábila, Cristian Pavón to Sebastián Villa were the attackers, but in the first few minutes they did a lot and nothing.

On the other end, Franco Armani appears to be a wall in La Banda's arc, although he had turned on the first goal, but he was restored. Jonatan Maidana, Javier Pinola and Lucas Martínez were not conflicting in the back, fair, precisely, cold.

Enzo Pérez, Exequiel Palacios, Gonzalo Martínez and Milton Casco and midfielders, who were responsible for exploiting, before the still, in the first records, populated with posters. Gonzalo Montiel, Lucas Pratto, who looked great, and Rafael Borré, was responsible for the alien assault.

After a few minutes of more rivers from the River, Ramón Ábila opened the scoreboard in favor of Boca Juniors, 34, when he took 17th of the blue and powerful gold shot, stopped by Armani, but the promise of the pleasure of Abila himself and there he did not commit a widow, although Franco was working together to respond to delays.

However, he did not take almost the supremacy for the pupils of Guillermo Barros Schelotto, then 35, Lucas Pratto, when he was holding the ball to the left of Rossi, after a shot with the right of & Right hand side Then, when the first half died, Darío Benedetto, who had entered Pavón's injury, made it 2-1, when Sebastián Villa got dirty and sent the round to the pot, where he combined The Pipa sends round to the bottom of the network.

It seemed that Boca would take the three points, but in the supply, after that, Gonzalo Martínez got a free kick and unfortunately, defended Carlos Izquierdoz's defense and the cheeses to install him door itself.

The rest of the meeting was of constant side-of-the-side impulses; In fact, in the compensation, Carlos Tévez, who had entered Sebastian Villa at 73, played a mastery, leaving Benedetto, who was just before the river's goal, but Armani had put everything in place to maintain the clym; Perhaps that's the marking drama that's the one final and possibly the one that shows the series and the whole story.

Chucky is low from the tricolor due to injury

The Federation Mexicana de Futbol announced that Hirving Lozano had caused the loss of the tricolor, because PSV said that the player had a muscle contract at the right start, which made it impossible to play games against the Argentina.

Before The first is called Jesus Angulo, Julio Cesar Dominguez, who will replace Jesus Angulo, but the tricolor said that no other player will be called to supply the Pachuca squad.

The Tri facing La Albiceleste twice during FIFA Date: the first game will be on Friday, November 16 at the Mario Alberto Kempes Stadium, and the second Tuesday, the 20th in the Colossus Malvinas.

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