Wednesday , July 6 2022

Blue Cross: Celestes know that if they win Liga MX, they are a failure


Édgar Méndez knows that winning the MX Cup is no longer enough for Cruz Azul, so he said that if they win the league title in Apertura 2018, they will be a failure.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Aztec Stadium –

Édgar Méndez, on Blue cross, certainly the failure to the institution would not achieve the title League After closing the tournament unchanged as a local, as well as being a leader a MX Champions Cup.

"We have said that we want to win both titles, if we do not win it, will be a failure because all the way we do is good and not win a failure," he said.

Regarding influence Ricardo Peláez, insist that they have sprayed the winning mentality, along with the trainer Pedro Caixinha

"We have always said that the factor Peláez-Caixinha They are essential, they have a winning thinking and it's been very good for us. "

On the other hand, for Édgar Méndez That's a shame America a Cruz Azul, they are currently first and second in General Table, they have to play their games at home in such a serious court Aztec Stadium

"That does not belong to me but I'm sorry for two teams that argued in the play title in these conditions," he said, explaining that the ball was difficult.

"A thousand things can happen, in the same game that you do not get the ball well, you're losing a lot, you have to focus on you because you do not; I do not know where the ball goes, but well, no matter what, we do not have to talk. "

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