Thursday , October 6 2022

Banxico opens its new ticket factory in Jalisco


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With an investment of more than 3,000 636 million pesos, the governor of Mexico Bank (Banxico), Alejandro Diaz de Leon, opened the new ticket factory in Jalisco, which will be responsible for a third of the national production of each denomination paper.

In the Jalisco complex, located in the borough of El Salto, the second factory with central bank in the country.

Deputy deputies, Irene Espinosa, Javier Guzmán and Manuel Ramos France said Díaz de León said the need for the public to find that there is a favorable economic and organizational climate to comply in order for trustee to distribute widely and perform its role in the economy. from that pledge that payment.

When this does not happen and confidence starts to erode, he warned that money will no longer carry out its function effectively, which can cause great damage to the economy and society.

In the presence of the broadcasting director, Alejandro Alegre, special guests, builders, consultants and suppliers of the project said that inflationary periods have been a regular factor of uncertainty for trusted funds, as they erode their role as a way of paying, an accounting unit and store worth.

"Throughout the 20th century, and even today, we can observe the experience of many countries where uncontrolled inflation reduces utility and social acceptance of money, which affects commercial operations, being dismissed, and in cases ending trying out the search, preventing planning and investment, in favor of speculation and causing shortage, especially among those with less, "sentenced to the governor.

He therefore confirmed that the autonomy of the Bank of Mexico has allowed it to break clearly with harsh, disorganized and persistent connections, and has also allowed inflation figures to fall to levels that are increasingly close to its lasting 3% goal.

Díaz de León said that the above provided an environment of greater certainty and extended the time range for planning the activities of economic agents and consumer decision-making.

He emphasized that, while trying to make sure that the purchase power of the money is stable, Banxico contributes to establishing an indispensable condition for money to fulfill its functions in full.

Details of the project From the total invested in the new factory, approximately one thousand 140 million pesos were allocated for the purchase of land and construction and the building, and 2,000 496 million pesos for equipment and commissioning & # 39; r factory.

The facilities are located in the borough of El Salto, in the state of Jalisco, where selected after carrying out various analyzes.

It was decided to build it because of its geographic location, its provision of communications infrastructure and accessories that could be created with the Mexico Regional Bank, which already exists in the entity, according to Banxico.

Construction work started on the new factory in 2015.

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