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AMLO failed SICM cancellation and it was ridiculous to prevent Pemex leagues: Salinas Pliego


Ricardo Salinas Pliego and Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Ricardo Salinas Pliego and Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Image of: Misael Valtierra / Cuartoscuro

Mexico.- While recognized Andrés Manuel López Obrador to “exceptional politician” and “sensitive man”Mexican businessman Ricardo Salinas Pliego criticized some of the most important decisions the Federal Executive holder has made during his administration.

The president Azteca TV, which is also part of the Business Advisory Council for Wales López Obrador, offer an interview to the newspaper Financial Times, where he described a number of Tabasco actions in subjects such as construction International Airport International City of Mexico.

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On that subject, the billionaire said it Disagree with the abolition of the air terminalAs he said, international investors and some of the country's richest business leaders were hurt.

Similarly, it considered that the suspension of alliances between private equity companies was Petróleos Mexicanosit was not just about wrong decision, but gently, it was a "ridiculous fact".

However, this revealed in the process of convincing the Tabasco to share a Pemex in 3 companies, which explained, one will be responsible for the inspection and production; another of the purification work and another of the distribution and allowing for more investment from China to the country.

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After building a new refinery at Dos Bocas, Tabasco, Salinas Pliego said it was confused about the real possibility of achieving the project, since he warned, An "idea" of where the budget comes from does not of 8 billion dollars to achieve.

On the other hand, it was regrettable that the president focused on promoting infrastructure projects that they do not have, because of his view, many commercial sense, to which he has qualified. The style of government López Obrador is "central".

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He also criticized his way of working, t López Obrador has not allowed his close team is responsible for the various responsibilities that correspond to him to achieve as a government, since he said, it does not seem to trust his colleagues.

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