Monday , September 26 2022

A sexual health workshop and a fast HIV test at Home of Christ


He was responsible for CAPS La Cuchilla staff. He has introduced the Civic to promote initiatives that care for the health of the neighbors in terms of promotion and prevention.

The health and prevention prevention policies are in the central axis of the urban government, and it is operated through the primary healthcare system, which has 9 health centers, community integration centers, programs and networks for working with educational and social institutions.

In this framework, the promotion of holistic sexual health education continued through the Sexual Health and HIV Rapid Workshop at Hogar de Cristo. During the meeting, the obstetrician María Eugenia Wigandt, the Veronica Sotto nurse, Paola Doello health champion and the psychologist Valeria Casanova were able to address these issues with; The aim of preventing HIV transmission, reducing morbidity and infection-related deaths, reducing the incidence of sexually transmitted infections and the promotion of research. linked to HIV / AIDS and STIs.

A confidential, free and simple HIV test was also conducted as a result of 15 minutes.

Country statistics

In Argentina, every day 17 people acquire HIV and 5 others die from AIDS. Of the 120 thousand people living with HIV in Argentina, 90% of them have sexually protected virus. Add to this other statistic that indicates that 3 out of 10 people living with the virus do not know it. Although 3 in 10 people who have access to diagnosis are so late.

"The numbers are affecting themselves, but the idea is much stronger when we realize that every number is a person with a story, a life, a family. We can not ignore it. Ignore or believe that" HIV has already been "means that the epidemic is more valid than ever," explained Leandro Cahn, Executive Director of Fundación Huésped.

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