Thursday , January 20 2022

A pre-penalty prevents him from traveling to Torreón


The singer, Francisco Céspedes, was in front of yesterday, and that's why he could not come to La Laguna this weekend.

Francisco would appear with Jorge Muñiz and Carlos Cuevas at a social club as part of the trip called, Let's try.

Jorge and Carlos offered a conference here at a hotel in the town on Saturday afternoon to talk about what happened to Francisco.

They said fortunately that the translator of Vida loca was stable, however, the doctors did not allow him to make the trip.

Carlos said that although Cespedes and his successes would not be present, "El Coque" would give her the best to the lakes.

Cuevas added that he likes to come to Comarca Lagunera because he's feeling at home. "It's always an honor to come to this beautiful city," he said.

Francisco Céspedes left his Cuban indigenous country decades ago. He was in Mexico where his career fell high.

Francisco Fabián Céspedes studied Rodriguez's Medication in the Faculty of Havana Medical Sciences, but a fate was led through music tracks.

A pre-penalty prevents him from traveling to Torreón

Health Francisco Céspedes can not reach the region to perform with Jorge Muniz and Carlos Cuevas.

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