Friday , August 19 2022

5 stories to follow after the NBA break


Lakers and their path to playoffs

LeBron James is almost losing his Finale NBA streak (an amount of eight consecutive), so his short-term goal is to reach the first-time riparian season with the Lakers. The team reaches the second part in the tenth place at the Western Conference with a 28-29 record, three eighth matches and a final qualifying place in the playoffs. In the remaining 25 games, the Lakers have 13 games on the road against quintets with marks over .500 such as Rockets, Nuggets, Celtics, Raptors, Warriors, Blazers, Clippers, Jazz and Bucks.


He emphasized everything to the Boston Celtics to take control of the Conference with the move of LeBron James to the West. However, the Celtics have been inconsistent in their game and they occupy the fourth place in the East, 6.5 games of the pointer that the Bucks possessed, which he added through trading to send Nikola Mirotic forward in the fight to stay on top. Toronto, who is having a Spanish Gas Mark before the trade closing date, strikes the Milwaukee game for a game. However, Indiana's eyes, who are holding the third place with Victor Oladipo's star out for the rest of the tournament due to injury. If the Pacers give the surprise, he could trigger a first round after-ceremony conflict between the Celtics and the Philadelphia Sixers, the fifth in the competition.

Battle for the MVP

With less than two months after the regular season is finished, James Harden of the Houston Rockets looks like he likes to repeat as the most valuable Player. His nearest competitor is the Bucks star, Giannis Antetokounmpo, which has been essential for Milwaukee to be at the top of the Eastern Conference as a surprise. Harden could seal the prize if he is the only one equal to 30 points or more and raises the Rockets injured to the first three places in the West (they are fifth) after slow start. The third competitor would be Paul George, who plays the best basketball of his career with the Oklahoma City Thunder. LeBron James can not be left out of the chat if he / she carries out a miracle with the Lakers by leading them to the playoffs.

Sychder Sacramento

From the unexpected stories that come out every season in the final immediately at the Western Conference, highlighting the drought of the Kings in the post-busy series. They have not played in the playoffs since 2006. This year, they have a legitimate opportunity to give the best to the lost streak. Sacramento is in the ninth place (30-27), an octave game in the classification, occupied by the Clippers, and two of the seventh sites, which belong to the Spurs. Young Aaron & Fox Fox and Buddy Hield could sign up one of the desserts of the tournament if they are carrying out the franchise franchise.

Fun to Wade

The sentimental part of the rest of the season will include Dwyane Wade on his farewell journey after announcing the retirement once the tournament ends. The three-time NBA champion wishes to make a noise after expressing his participation in the All Star Game he wants to help Miami Heat to join the riparian period. The Heat has tied for an eighth position with the Pistons

Detroit is 26-30 and half a game by Charlotte Hornets for the seventh box (27-30). Therefore, Wade has possibilities to extend his stay in the NBA beyond mid-April.

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