Thursday , May 26 2022

Will Bumblebee & # 39; Transformers Transformers Franchise?


Oscar-nominated Hailee Steinfeld gives credit to me Transformers a franchise in this prequel flick of the name Bumblebee. As the director of Travis Knight who has been scaling an excellent number Cuba and both strands.

Bumblebee focusing on the second favorite Autobot of all (of course, first of all, Optimus Prime, of course).

The year is 1987, 20 years before Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox were mixed with Transformers. On the run, Bumblebee continues as a yellow Volkswagen in a junkyard in a small town in California.

But his plan to conceal forever ends when he is chaired by Charlie Watson (Steinfeld), who takes ownership of it. Soon, the Teens and the Bumblebee will learn that Transformers are on Earth, but they are not friendly.

Worse, there is a government agency behind the cute yellow melody. Steinfeld, who is also a singer, has released a track from the name Back to life Recently, which will appear in the Bumblebee sound track.

Bumblebee opens in cinemas throughout the country on December 20.

Anomaly, teen drive that is not automatic.

Both of these have a difficult time to stay on their feet rather than a wheel out of the situation.

& Let's see what shows I can bend – watch this weekend. & # 39;

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