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Videogame Releases: #, Battlefield V #, & # 39; Wreckfest, more – Tech News


Action of Explosives of the Second World War Battlefield V storms PS4, Xbox One and PC with widespread relief, Bendy and the Ink Machine brings a survival examination, stylish, time for consoles, where a car racer is accidentally friendly Wreck also lands, Farming Simulator 19 covers modern agriculture with blowing riding, and sim control Morgeg story Considering the greatest life assurance on iOS.

Battlefield V
For PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One from November 20 (Origin Access Premium on PC since November 9, Deluxe Edition since November 15)

Releasing after most of the biggest titles of the year, this theme record in the First World War, looking at its square shooter, constructive demolition for a selection of less-known locations, is certainly able to engage with traditional "Call of Duty: Black Ops 4" competitor even if his food is the Royale Battle to reach as part of a discharge support scheme.

Bendy and Ink Machine – Full Edition
For PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One
From November 20 (computer episode relief since February 2017)

A sarcasty taro on a personal computer, the horror of this survival means that players deeply spread to the war animation agency under Joey Drew Studios; the style of the game has hand-drawn matches its topic.

Farming Simulator 19
For PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox One from November 20

Tractors, trailers, cattle, sheep and crops are mixed in this sim farm.

In addition to more licensed agricultural brands and a new American theme map, horses are now being driven, and transportation (and potential pets).

For PlayStation 4, Xbox One from November 20 (PC's edition of Access Early was launched in June)

Anything goes racing that combines speed and skills with a level of aggressive tactics rarely seen outside destruction destruction. In fact, being able to participate in fun online full racing that uses all four-way transport forms part of the appeal. Strong, well-received computer prospects since its inception in 2013.

Morgeg story
IOS of November 22 (on computer since 2017)

Dry into the daily duties of running the Rose and Daughters funeral home, from preparing bodies to oversee funeral services, talk to family members and attend the financial and emotional life of the business. – AFP fights

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