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Umno hits back, Bersatu after a layup


YOURSELF | ‘If they can backstab Harapan and Dr M, why are they surprised if they themselves are backstabbed …’

Faizal Azumu loses MB’s confidence vote, promising a smooth transition

BusinessFirst: I thought there would be no politics because of the Covid-19 pandemic? Sadly, Perikatan Nasional (PN), BN, and their supporters follow the principle of “do as I say but not as I do”.

Anyway, this is to be expected as word on the ground is that even Umno trusts the integrity of Pakatan Harapan, including DAP, more than Bersatu.

Of course, what do you expect when you’re in coalition with backstabbers? They had no Hstapan backstabbing qualms to form PN.

If they can backstab Harapan and even their own leader, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, why would they bat an eyelid when they themselves are backstabbed?

Do you think Umno is stupid to wait for Bersatu to strike? They did not stay in power for over 60 years because they were political idiots. Do not mistake being corrupt and dishonest for stupidity.

Perhaps we now understand why, in Johor, the Umno-led PN government is taking a more cooperative stance.

Perhaps they are trying to suggest to the Harapan opposition: “Better to be in opposition with Umno’s mentoring besar than be in a Harapan government with MB Bersatu.”

WSK: A classic case of one Machiavellian stick that finally tastes its own rogue medicine. This assembly of Bersatu state for Chenderiang (Ahmad Faizal Azumu) got the Post MB.

In no time, he cooperated with Umno and PAS to quietly defraud the Harapan state government provided he retained his MB position.

When you work with backstabbers, trust, dignity, integrity have no meaning. Good riddance!

IndigoTrout2522: After the 14th general election, Bersatu had only one seat in the Perak assembly and yet they got the MB job from Mahathir.

This made no sense as DAP, PKR, and Amanah had more seats. Also, if a vote of no confidence could be held in a state assembly, why not do it in Parliament too?

BlueShark1548: @ IndigoTrout2522, Muhyiddin just copied Mahathir. He ensured that the chief minister of Sabah was from Bersatu. But it’s time now for Umno to show Muhyiddin the power.

OrangeHawk3664: This should teach Bersatu a lesson that they are not the biggest or biggest party in the PN coalition.

For the ‘ikan bilis’ party, Bersatu have unilaterally appointed themselves to key and powerful positions to consolidate their grasp of power.

They thought that BN will regard them as PAS; how wrong they were. PAS has never tasted federal power, only state power. This is in contrast to BN, which has governed for over 60 years.

BN is definitely not pushing over like PAS, who has to suck up to Bersatu to enjoy power in Putrajaya. A very good turn of events that should be simulated in every province.

Dutch Lady: Bersatu number two Perak Menteri Besar Ahmad Faizal is no longer Perak’s top man. This is a great shot for ‘abah’.

More to come from Umno from now. Bersatu must know that Umno is not like DAP and PKR. Umno and Bersatu are both greedy for power.

Vgeorgemy: In the end, Bersatu general secretary Hamzah Zainudin and supreme council member Azmin Ali could do nothing in their own backyard to maintain their regime after they lost confidence in the state assembly.

Umno is on a path of revenge.

Anony.1548748615957: Congratulations to the Perak state assembly for acting in a mature, commendable and democratic way to serve as a role model for Parliament and other state assemblies to emulate.

Gerard Lourdesamy: This is the essence of democracy and not the obfuscation and shameful obstructionism that occurs in the Dewan Rakyat under the current speaker of the inferior House Azhar Azizan Harun and the ramshackle open-air PN government.

The legislative assembly of Perak province has rescued itself after the shocking events of 2009 when Pakatan provincial speaker Rakyat V Sivakumar was dragged out of the legislative chamber and imprisoned in storage while a newly elected speaker was elected by BN’s outdoor government at the time.

As a Perakian, I am very proud of Perak Sultan Nazrin Shah who has once again proved to be a wise ruler and epitome of a constitutional monarchy.

P_Mammen: Many thanks to assembly speaker Mohamad Zahir Abdul Khalid for allowing the confidence motion.

He is different from the speaker Dewan Rakyat, the artful dodger who refuses to entertain or allow such an offer.

McLovin: Serves you right, Faizal. This is what you get when you betray your friends in Harapan who stood beside you in hard times. When you finished using them, you backpacked them and joined those you thought were more ‘righteous’ than Harapan.

Now, they have finished using you. They didn’t just backstab you. They shot you in the back while hugging you. This time, running to the Istana crying and begging for your job back would no longer work.

By the way, hopefully they’ll let you keep the Lexus.

My: @McLovin, No way. Put the Lexus back. The Perakites paid for it.

Oxymoronictendencies: I’m not sure if this is good or bad. Anything that gives a dent in PN is prima facie good. but the unanswered question is what follows?

Who will now be MB? Umno (back to the past) or Harapan (equally back to the past)

Hang Babeuf: The political backlash continues.

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