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The Australian Instagram star with 2 million followers has some intensive dress code requirements for guests who are attending their wedding, Business Insider


Should a bride and groom be able to determine which wedding guests wear them?

Should a bride and groom be able to determine which wedding guests wear them?
  • Instagram, Pia Muehlenbeck's star wedding guests, were told to wear "some grounded ones".
  • A fun board was given to the instructions on the couple's wedding website.
  • They are supposed to get married in December.

You'll only marry (in an ideal world), so women and women can be forgiven for anxious to create their dream wedding.

However, only a couple can control it – what guests wear, for example, generally for them.

But to be one bride and marriage, this was too much to let the unknown.

Instagram star, Pia Muehlenbeck who fired Kane Vato has announced a dress uniform for guests through a mood board on their wedding website,

The website is only accessible to those on the hosted hotel list, but he spoke one invitation to The Daily Telegraph Australia to reveal what it means.

"Everybody is asked to wear the natural roofs of the ground, see inspiration on the picture at the bottom of this page," the couple wrote, according to the unknown guest.

"We would be delighted if everyone could stick to this address with their costumes. Light, smooth, terrestrial, natural waves."

Colorful differences appear to be banned.

In response to criticism of the costume code, Muehlenbeck's management company told The Daily Telegraph: "It's a foolish and a bit of fun. It's a useful guide, that's all.

"Pia and Kane have paid a full price for their wedding, no objects."

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Muehlenbeck is an Australian influenza with two million followers on Instagram. She has her own clothing line and also includes sponsored content regularly on her account.

The bride has been updating her supporters on her journey to the marriage, revealing that she and Vato are trying not to drink any alcohol in the period before the big day on December 4.

She also told those who follow that she was even on her birthday earlier this month, as she adhered to a strict diet: "I'm still rushing for the wedding , so today's birthday celebrations included two activities in the gym and not drop in alcohol! "

The couple try to keep their wedding plans as secret as possible, having said they have not disclosed the location to guests but they will only be charged to & # 39 the event.

INSIDER has arrived at Muehlenbeck for comments.

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