Tuesday , January 25 2022

Thailand Wants All BRN Rebel Group To Join South Peace Talks


Thai military government informed Wednesday all the most powerful segmentation elements in the South Deep of the nation to join peace talks after being breached by Malaysia.

Prawit Wongsuwan, deputy prime minister and chief Thai defender, said that all parties within the Revolutionary National Rebellion group, or BRN, should take part in negotiations to resolve a revolt that killed almost 7,000 people in the last 14 years.

"Most rebel movements have joined the conversations, but the BRN is the only one who has not joined," said Prawit to reporters.

Prawit refers to the BRN military wing.

"The political wing has joined," he said. "We want all the movements to come out so we can talk."

Analysts say that it is extremely unusual for the top Thai government officer to mention BRN by name. Thai officials usually refer to southern rebels as "disputes."

Last month, Udomchai Thammasarorat, the new chief deputy of Thailand in the peace process, said that the nation's most Buddhist group is open to negotiations with "every dispute group."

Prawit made the statement after meeting with the Minister of Defense of Malaysia Mohamad Sabu, who wrapped his two-day visit to Bangkok on Wednesday.

Southern South includes the states that speak mainly Muslim and Malay Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat and four areas of the Songkhla province and lie along the northern border of Malaysia's weekend.

Prawit made the statement after meeting with the Minister of Defense of Malaysia Mohamad Sabu, who wrapped his two-day visit to Bangkok on Wednesday.

Malaysia facilitates peace talks between Thai and MARA Patani – an umbrella group that claims to discuss on behalf of all the southern rebel groups and includes BRN representatives on its panel.

Earlier, Mohamad Sabu told reporters that his first official visit to Thailand would focus on solving the Deep South conflict. Many residents of the Deep South province have family connections with Malaysians, especially those living in the border terms of Perlis, Kelantan and Kedah.

"What's happening in southern Africa is affecting both countries, that's why we need to find the best solution, through discussions, defense diplomacy and other methods , "said Mohamad Sabu at the Malaysia Bernama news service on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Mohamad Sabu spent about 45 minutes discussing bilateral security concerns with the Thai Prime Minister. Take a Gift in the House of Government in Bangkok, at Lt. Gen. Werachon Sukhondhapatipak, a government spokesman, told reporters.

Last month, Bangkok said that the Nation identified BRN anonymous members and said their leaders were not interested in joining MARA Patani at the discussion board and warned that Malaysia could compromise their role in the discussions.

"Domestic and overseas peace practitioners called domestic and overseas could be in line with this Thai strategy without realizing that they are being played," said one BRN company, according to the newspaper .

BRN members also expressed concern that the pressures of Malaysia could give the board undermine the long-term peace efforts, the report said.

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