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Tanks World Holiday Event “Chuck Challenge”

The man, the legend, the legend himself, Chuck Norris, talks to Screen Rant about his career in martial arts, action movies, and World of Tanks.

Over 80 years, Chuck Norris has done it all. He served in the army before becoming one of the most recognized martial artists of all time, and his skills led to a successful film career, beginning with a legendary battle against the great Bruce Lee in the iconic action film, Dragon Way, before becoming one of the great action heroes of the 1980s. His 1990s TV series, Walker, Texas Ranger, has run for 200 episodes on CBS and remains a cult classic to this day for its combination of martial arts action, cowboy legislator heroes, and moral storytelling.

Today, Norris is an internet legend, with many scenes from his shows and movies becoming viral sensations alongside “Chuck Norris Facts,” an endless list of rural trivia about the acting star. Now, Norris is extending his global domination to Wargaming’s The World of Tanks video game. The military-themed simulation title puts players behind the soles of some of history’s most iconic armored vehicles in an online multiplayer fight for survival. The continuing popularity of the title seems to have caught Norris’s attention, and the Missing in Action star has chosen to lend his talents to this year’s Holiday Ops event, which runs from December 9 to January 11. The event is included tons of cosmetic prizes. , as well as 32 new rides, one for each day of the event. “The Chuck Challenge” is like an advent calendar, but with more explosions.

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In promoting the The World of Tanks Holiday Ops event, Chuck Norris spoke to Screen Rant about his work on the video game and shares some stories of his career as a military man, martial artist, and action hero. He talks about why he was drawn to a game that is more than just “your typical military shooter,” and even recommends some of his best films that a newcomer might want to look at to become scholar Chuck Norris right away!

The World of Tanks free to play on consoles and PC.

Chuck Norris Holiday Tank World

There are a lot of video games out there about the army. Why did you choose World of Tanks over any of its peers and competitors?

As you know, I served in the military, so World of Tanks is a kind of spirit to me, not your typical military shooter: it’s one where you need to strategize to achieve victory. Also, the game features a large amount of armored vehicles of various nationalities and periods and provides a great deal of detail on the history of tank construction. You can tell that the guys behind the game are extremely passionate about history, especially when it comes to military vehicles, and this is clearly reflected in everything they do.

Some younger supporters of yours may not know that you are a real military veteran, having served in the Air Force between 1958 and 1962. Are there lessons you learned in the army that continue to Guided you, information from that chapter in your life that you would like to share with your fans?

My time in the army helped me grow up and prepare for adulthood. This is also where I started training in Martial Arts while I was in Korea. I came home with a black belt in Tang Soo Do, today known as Taekwondo. And also, a brown belt in Judo.

You starred in many action adventures, from Lost in Action to Delta Force and countless others. Do you have a favorite movie of yours that you would like to share with the Screen Rant reader? If some unfortunate soul had not seen any of your films before, where would you have started them?

My film career has been a memorable journey. I starred in my first big movie with Bruce Lee, Way of the Dragon. It was epic and the fight scene between Bruce and I was done at the Rome Colosseum. It’s a battle that everyone still remembers to this day. I think your readers would enjoy Lone Wolf McQuade, Code of Silence, and my Missing in Action movies.

What’s your favorite tank? Have you been lucky enough to go for a walk in it, or at least play it in World of Tanks?

When I served in the Air Force, the backbone of US tank detachments was the M48A1 Patton. And yes, I was lucky enough to come across this vehicle during my service. Having seen this vehicle in real life, it is incredible how accurately the World of Tanks team managed to emulate it within the game.

There are many different styles of martial arts, and you developed yours, Chun Kuk Do, or “The Universal Way.” For those who are unaware of the many different martial arts schools of thought, what makes Chun Kuk Do special and unique?

I had the opportunity to train with many great martial arts masters in many different styles. After years of training in different styles, I combined the best of each to create Chun Kuk Do, which means Universal Way. My system is now called the “Chuck Norris System,” under the United Federation of Martial Arts.

At 80, martial arts enthusiasts and action fans alike look up to you as a cultural icon. Is there a secret to your longevity beyond diet and exercise?

This is a great question … It’s important to keep a positive attitude and keep your faith at bay. My wife Gena also cares for me a lot and my mom is still going strong at 99, so she probably passed on her wonderful genes to me. Ha! Ha!

We all saw you blow a tank alone in The Expendables 2 (and it was AWESOME). That particular tank obviously lacked what it takes to stand barefoot with Chuck Norris. What advice do you have for players looking to take on the “Chuck’s Challenge” at World of Tanks?

Two pieces of advice come to mind: “Think before you act” and “Always be one step ahead”. These two sayings will help any tanker who takes on my challenge to get the digital version of myself, as well as other great prizes. You know I’m not one to shy away from a challenge, no matter how difficult, and hopefully not my fellow tankers, either! It may be difficult, but everyone can complete the Chuck Challenge. In fact, I guess that’s another great piece of advice: “Never give up!”

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The World of Tanks free to play on consoles and PC.

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