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Super Junior Choi Sorry at a Conference for the Drama Press for the Chief Executive Officer's Post-Dog Fatality t

Super Junior Choi Siwon apologized again for the previous event which included his family dog ​​during a press conference about his new play “My Fellow Citizens.”

In October 2017, the restaurant's CEO, Hanilkwan, was bitten by a French gap owned by Choi Siwon and his family. He died of sepsis six days later. Her sister then said that Choi Siwon had visited the family several times to apologize, and said she had forgiven him and his family. Despite this, the event became a major issue and Choi Siwon prevented many of her activities.

On April 1, a drama was held in a hotel in Yeouido in the company of KBS drama on Monday to Tuesday.

The production director Kim Jung Hyun, Choi Su Super Junior, Lee Yoo Young, Kim Min Jung, Tae In Ho, Kim Eui Sung, and others came to the event.

At the press conference, Choi Siwon was asked what it was like to return with a major network drama for the first time in two years. He took the opportunity to state, “I have realized that I have to be more careful and careful about any past events and anything connected with them, as well as anything that is; n related to myself. I am sorry for causing so much concern to so many people. ”He apologized.

My Citizens Citizens is a comedy crime drama in which a man who married a police officer is swept in a series of unplanned events and becomes a member of the National Assembly.

My My Citizens Citizens was performed for the first time on 1 April, and will be available on Viki. In the meantime, look at a drop below.

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