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Stranc Stranc Landslide Chinese Pranksters Blow Up in their Faces – Asean + t


Three young men have been detained by police in Shenzhen city of southern China after they caused panic on the subway as part of a kick.

A surveillance film shows passengers on the city's subway that were caught in a small style on Friday after two men from the men ran through a train shouting “Go down! Be careful of the land mills! ”.

Police in the city, lying on the border with Hong Kong, said in a statement that passengers had been told to get off the train at the next stop while the service was being examined.

Police said two men – Xiang, who was named 24 and named 20 – had been kept over the porn, which they had filmed with the intention of putting the film on- line.

A third anonymous man was detained later that day.

Eventually a Chinese bus driver who refused to move with you is a guide dog on the table rolling over

Although no one was injured at the incident and other train operations were not affected, the police said they were still taking it seriously and giving the three criminal detentions.

It was unclear how long they would spend in custody.

Chinese police are very vigilant as a number of high profile political anniversaries, including the 30th anniversary of the bloody battle Tiananmen Square and the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the People's Republic.

The public transport arm of the Shenzhen Public Safety Center reminded the group after the event, stressing that the subway was an important public place with heavy passenger flows.

“The public safety organs will treat them strictly in accordance with the law if there is unlawful behavior.”

He also asked passengers to keep calm in case there was an emergency and not stay calm or run.

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