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Samsung Galaxy X: the first brand mobile phone


Update: We may get our first concrete information on the Samsung Galaxy F today (November 7) and we can even have had a first look at it.

We could have had a real look at the Samsung Galaxy X – or Samsung Galaxy F because it could be called – as the Samsung Developer Conference starts today (7 November). The company had already confirmed that it would show parts of the telephone interface in the show.

Samsung has revealed something huge: its first foldable screen, which opens a clamshell style and flashes out to display tablet size size. The Flex Infinity Exhibition, as the technology is called, is a completely new address for smartphones Samsung that required the development of new materials and processes to do it.

What is less clear is that we found the Flex Infinity Exhibition that was installed on the Galaxy X itself, or was there a phone for the placeholder to show the screen. Samsung has literally revealed the shadows to hide the design.

Previously, a source claimed that we would see "the detailed images" of the next gene, if any, hand set.

We'll bring you all the news as the case may be, but you can reconnect Samsung's leading director of the Samsung Developer Conference on YouTube if you want to see the possibility of revealing Galaxy X ( skip in 1:23:00). It's not clear if there will be more news about the forthcoming Galaxy phone and coming out of the conference.

In the meantime, you can read everything we know so far. The Samsung Galaxy X launch has been stunned for a couple of years, and the emission continues to pay attention to the company's flexible, flexible, reliable phone.

We've gone through all the flexible Samsung mobile phone discharges, from the first bending phone reports back in 2011 to the latest reports in the name of the Samsung Galaxy X and Galaxy F directly.

Many have decontamined for many years, but now we feel we are approaching the launch date of Samsung Galaxy X, and things start to get a little clearer than we can expect.

Cut the game

  • What is it Samsung multi-rumored smartphone folding
  • When is she out? First details today, but it may not be for sale until 2019
  • What will it cost? It's probably one of the cheapest phones that are around

Release date and Samsung Galaxy X price

Samsung Galaxy X release date is now clearer as DJ Koh – CEO of Samsung's mobile department – has said the phone will be disclosed in 2018. More specifically, the company can pick up; The filler on the device at the Samsung Developer Conference of November 7 (that's today!).

At the very least, we promise to look at the interface, but it is not clear whether the Galaxy F itself will be shown or not.

Reports from South Korea have further confirmed that Galaxy X will not be available until 2019 although it is likely that it will be published before that. However, it may at least be available globally when it makes land.

Regarding when you can buy it, more than one noise has now referred to an appropriate publication in February, possibly at MWC 2019. That event will be held at the end of the month, so it would not Galaxy X is probably for sale in that case before March 2019.

You may also have to pay a lot about it analyst counts Samsung Galaxy X's price could reach ₩ 2,000,000 (about $ 1,850, £ 1,375, $ 2,400).

Samsung Galaxy X releases and news

In November 2017 we looked at the possible interface of Galaxy X, revealing a familiar Samsung UI, but where each half of the display shows a different screen, rather than doing everything more or less.

This interface was shown in a patent, which also gave us an insight into the possible design of the phone, showing something with a laptop-like design, but a second screen with the keyboard.

Samsung Galaxy X

Basically, the Samsung Galaxy X could have two screens instead of one (credit: KIPRIS)

We might get a more official look at this interface very soon, as Samsung is expected to show it at its developer's conference starting today (November 7).

We'll probably see features that focus on better tasks and better productivity. So it sounds like Samsung is trying to sell people on the use of a folding phone before showing the phone itself.

That makes sense, since the Royole FlexPai has hit Samsung to be the first mobile on the market, but it's very expensive and the first impressions have not done so much to justify folders, beyond news.

The Galaxy F announcement appears to be on time, as the source of the industry claimed that Samsung would be likely to start producing the phone in early 2018 – which will appear to have a 7.3 inch display – in November 2018, with launch is likely in December or early 2019. That corresponds to what Koh Koh has claimed since.

However, given that we could only look partly at the phone today, an accurate launch in early 2019 seems more likely than December.

But bending phone prototypes are likely to have already been shown behind closed doors at CES 2018, which took place in January.

In the meantime, the financial results of Q4 2017 Samsung included claims that foldable OLED panels and phones could be a major cash maker for Samsung in 2018 and beyond – which is still more evidence that the Galaxy X is coming soon.

In May 2018, we heard that Samsung had changed the name of the phone from Valley & # 39; i & # 39; winner & # 39; and that the final handset has three 3.5 inches, which can be opened to the size of the tablets or folded as a book.

The screens for this device are likely to be ready by November 2018 and Samsung has created a curved battery for the phone with a capacity of between 3,000mAh and 6,000mAh.

Recently, we have also heard that the Samsung Galaxy F – the launch name for the phone – will have 512GB of SIM storage, dual support, and the SM-F900U model number. The firmware is probably in tests, which suggests it is coming soon.

Samsung Galaxy X: 8 years in making

The idea of ​​a mobile phone is not new to Samsung, in fact, back in 2011, the company showed a prototype of that exactly.

The device looked concise and awkward, but even then it worked a bit, remaining completely after 100,000 folds, with only 6% of discrepancy in brightness at the center, where the all bent deed.

Samsung Galaxy X

A mobile phone (not the Galaxy X) has been shown by Samsung in 2011

This was not obvious as a commercial product, but later that year Samsung launched a conceptual video (see below) of a completely definitive (and transparent) mobile device.

It could bend out of a screen size to a single table size, showing Samsung's ambitions for the technology. Now, technology has not yet developed so far, so do not expect the Samsung Galaxy X to be a blink screen only – but the vision is interesting.

Although a device like the one in the video above is still years away, by 2012 Samsung was already struggling to launch the first generation of flexible or fossil phones, but a report late in the year said Problems with flexible production the screens will capture the first wonderful exhibition back to at least 2013.

That did not stop Samsung from showing another video of a foldable future, highlighting all kinds of transparent screens, made from thin plastic, lightweight and flexible enough to fold or roll full.

And as 2012 came to an end it seemed that Samsung could overcome its production problems, with another report claiming that its flexible plastic screens in the final phase of development, with the first phones in their play likely to come mid 2013

Samsung Galaxy X

Samsung's expensive display on stage at CES 2013 (credit: Engadget)

Samsung's playful plastic screens started a more real world in CES 2013, together with a name – they are now called "You", although it is clear from the flexible prototype in show that Samsung is still far from putting Youm's display on a commercial device.

That was even more clear when it was said that the technology was hitting new manufacturing issues in April 2013.

Probably, the previous problems had been solved, but Samsung was now finding it difficult to cope with the technology incorporated, which protects the screen from moisture and air damage

Samsung Galaxy X

The Samsung Galaxy Round – the starting point for the Samsung Galaxy X?

The nearest thing we got into a Samsung mobile phone in Samsung was the Samsung Galaxy Round. This was far from the prototypes and the concepts we had seen, but as the first smart phone in the world, it was a great step to the correct address.

That was followed by Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, which has wandered in a more familiar address, one Samsung has been fully embedded and included in its latest leading sets, including Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus .

These are still far from bending, and when Samsung's executive has promised a truly wonderful device by the end of 2014, whatever it was referring to it would never appear.

He spoke about foldable phones slightly calm until mid-2015, when it was mentioned that a Valley project could be bent that was directed to the upcoming phone.

At this point, there was not much known about the device, which would probably have two screens, but it was said that it was developed early, so it is unlikely that it would be Arrive for a while, if any.

In September 2015, he claimed "internal" that we would see a wonderful phone in January 2016. It was not clear whether Project Valley was or not, but it's probably coming with mid-range and high end flavors. Although, of course, it did not reach at all.

In May 2016 Project Valley received a new name – the Samsung Galaxy X, which is believed to be the name that would be released under.

According to reports, it would be ready to release in 2017 and would have a foldable 4K display, so that the decision would remain high even when the phone was is bent.

We were skeptical about that launch date at the time, and we were right to be, as we are now in 2018 and we have not yet seen it – although we could be over.

Samsung Galaxy X

Samsung display, which does not touch each other in SID 2016

But that's not the full story so far. In SID 2016 Samsung showed a presentation display (above) – but one had no touch screen tier, which would be quite essential for a smartphone.

Then in June 2017, "people who were familiar with the issue" said we could see two foldable phones from Samsung in 2017 – supporting those previous Galaxy X reports.

Probably one would bend out of a 5-inch handheld to an 8-inch tablet tablet, very similar to the concept video that Samsung showed back at the beginning of our story, while the other bend in half as a cosmetic compact, along patent phone patent lines we have already seen.

Samsung Galaxy X

This 2017 launch did not happen, but Samsung was obviously on track, with another patent trying to solve one of the biggest problems with folding phones – the ability to fold without damaging any internal components.

He described the "artificial muscle" patent, which would move in screen time folding to protect other components.

Samsung Galaxy X

Is this the Samsung Galaxy X? (credit: GalaxyClub)

Another patent, seen by GalaxyClub, highlighted a long device, with a shape more like remote control than a smart phone, but one that could bend down to half the size.

The shape does not seem particularly practical, so we suspect that this is the form that Galaxy X will take, but it's annoying along the phone-to-pass transmission lines A board that has heard about it, and a similar design has turned up since then.

Samsung Galaxy X

One of the more recent information extracts that could point to the foldable X looks different than previous information. Very similar to the ZTE Axon M that ended in 2017, images of patent filing (shown above) show a bezel-licensed device that folds in shell design.

Therefore, many telephone signs were being developed, and by some sources, more than 100,000 units would be introduced in the third quarter of 2017 – although they added that plans to launch could be changed 2017, which clearly happens if such schemes have ever existed.

That is a frost with a bit of tipster @mmddj_china, who claimed that Galaxy X would decline in Q3 years 2017 – which, obviously, did not happen.

Elsewhere we heard that Samsung would not have a prototype already, and supply chain sources that spoke to DigiTimes said that small production of handhelds would be made in Q4 per annum, but technical issues could mean we would not see mass before the beginning of 2018 – again another fake prophecy.

Similarly, other sources said that several thousand dual screen prototypes could end in 2017, but that commercially available products would not be available.

One of the Samsung Display engineers itself has claimed we have not seen a mobile phone again "because the non-bezel display is currently selling well, we have enough time to develop a double display. The technology is mature around 2019. "

Although more recent news comes directly from Samsung's mobile manager, and a little better, claiming the company was aiming to launch 2018, assuming it could overcome some unknown problems. Although it has been back back on those claims for a while ago.

More recently, he says, rather than being the company's first goal, is to make meaningful products and "produce new products that are worth paying".

It is likely that it will be worth waiting for a product that has to polish, but the wait is likely to end almost, because, as noted above, the latest news is that Samsung reveals at least some aspects of a folding phone today, so keep sure all the information.

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