Thursday , May 26 2022

Red Realme Roots To Yellow Little-like in New Logo, Branding


Real Opposition Mobiles, Oppo's mobile phone company, Oppo has been drawing into India's entry and budget division with four successful phone launches since its first start earlier this year. The new child on the block has grown rapidly, gaining recognition, and confirms a situation for itself, therefore, it has now revealed a new visual brand identity – with a new logo.

In an official tweet, Realme gave us a look at the brand new identity and added that, It's not just a new logo! It's new for us, an iconic visual identity designed for the young! & # 39; It's very clear from this tweet and ideology that the company targeted the nation's youth to look away from the Redmi Xiaomi phones and get a taste of Realme – the well-known campaign first.

However, do not mind me when I say this, but it's like Realme inspired by Xiaomi's Little (which's the best thing like the cheapest Snapdragon 845 SoC device) to build its brand identity. Although Little may have chosen a mixture of yellow and black, Realme uses a yellow and gray combination in favor of the old red and black.

Furthermore, if you're the one who likes crazy on rumors and leaks, the Tweet suggests the advent of a series & # 39; new Realme. The tweet says Hit the like button if U like the new us & # 39; and those points in the mid-range self-centered phone the company said he was working on.

It is expected that the first phone Helio P70 is Realme U. We do not have any other information on this device yet available, except for that it can be priced around Rs 15,000.

It is expected that this new launch will be launched in November, which means we should expect the terraces to flow over the next few days. What are your expectations of a Realme new phone? New software interface, sure, right? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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