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Crazy Rich Asians on Blu-ray to DVDThis week has a small but large selection of statements on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital. The box office is hit Asians Crazy Rich Available from the end to watch at home. The drama play Blindspotting hit with critics, while Kin perfect for ski-fi lovers. Finally, if you're going into romance, you may want to look out Little Italy. ~ Alexandra Heilbron

Asians Crazy Rich – Announced by her boyfriend, Nick (Henry Golding), the American economics teacher, born in America, (Rachel Jones), is on a trip to homeland from Singapore to attend a friend's friend and meet her family . Soon Rachel finds out that Henry is not only very rich, but one of the most well-known unmarried men back home. When Rachel meets Nick's mother, she quickly becomes apparent that the wife believes that Rachel is not good enough for her son.
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Trailer: Asians Crazy Rich

Blindspotting – Ex-con Collin (Daveed Diggs) is only three days until its test has been completed. When Collin asks a cop (Ethan Embry) is shooting an unidentified American African man, who runs away, he tries to put it out of his mind as he goes home in order not to lose its mandatory grosffi, but forgetting about the incident is harder than he says. Click here to buy the Blu-ray.
Trailer: Blindspotting

Kin – Ex-con Jimmy (Jack Reynor) or $ 60,000 is a local criminal Taylor Bolek (James Franco). Meanwhile, Jimmy, Eli's brother, discovers a peat gun beside aliens' bodies while growing for scrap metal. Jimmy is trying to take theft to get the money he expects, but when he does not go as planned, he takes Eli (which brings a ray gun ) and go on the run. They are screened by Taylor, who is ready to kill both if he is not funded.
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Trailer: Kin

Little Italy – Nikki's (Emma Roberts) has a pizza restaurant family. He falls to Leo (Hayden Christensen), whose family owns Italian restaurants that compete. Nikki realizes that her father does not welcome romance with Leo, so she must set out how to proceed in order to stop raising the frauds between their families. Click here to buy the Blu-ray.
Trailer: Little Italy

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