Thursday , June 30 2022

New InDevR VaxArray to improve potential tests for vaccine and measles and rubella


InDevR today announced that it will follow a test of concept development for new VaxArray potential for vaccine and measles (M) and rubella sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The long-term objective is to create in vitro and rubella small measles in order to provide high quality MR vaccines to market faster and lower production costs. The project will spread the VaxArray multiplexed platform, which was developed and first authenticated to test more effective flu vaccine potential. Measuring accurately the "potency" vaccine is essential since it allows vaccine producers to pack the correct amount of the active ingredient only. Flooding can cause a patient's sub-powerful vaccine and overcrowding can cause a safety problem – both cases result in unacceptable products.

Measles and rubella ("German Vaccines") are very infectious diseases that have a significant health impact worldwide. According to Menter y Frech goch and Rubella, before the year 2000 more than half a million children died each year of measles and associated complications. This disease can be prevented by good proven vaccines. In order to achieve the vaccine for all those in need around the world, it would be beneficial to streamline the vaccine manufacturing process.

Dr. Klaus Stohr, the Policy of a Former Head of Policy in the Novartis Chief Surgeons, "Vaccines and measles and rubella are undoubtedly remain the cornerstone of pediatric immunization programs in both developed and developing countries. VaxArray potential to reduce production cost and could become as well as adding to these life-saving vaccines around the world. "

Currently, long-term biological tests are used as an infectious dose culture (TCID50), which takes 1-2 weeks to complete, to measure potential for MR vaccines . The VaxArray platform offers 2 hour testing for potential tracking throughout the vaccine manufacturing process, which could reduce production time every week and may spoil a month away from & # 39; The time required to provide a market vaccine. For example, TCID50 specifications of measles TCID50 and rubella TCID50 for currently releasing vaccine are 3000 and 1000 infected particles / dos, respectively. A more accurate potassial assay for all viruses of viruses that have been transported to life reduces the risks and reduces expensive refusals.

Kathy Rowlen, Ph.D., Chief Executive of InDevR, said, "We are delighted to be a partner with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Their sponsorship for this project further verifies the potential of our VaxArray platform to improve tests vaccine capacity. "

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