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Maxis offers a free upgrade to 512GB when you're ordering Galaxy S10 +


Samsung Galaxy S10 Maxis Pre-ordering

The Galaxy S10 series is now available to pre-order in Malaysia and Maxis offers the three contract models. During the pre-order period, you can upgrade free storage of 128GB to 512GB when you pick up the Galaxy S10 + that comes in White Ceramic or Black Ceramic.

In addition, the first 100 customers who will order any Galaxy S10 series device will have the value of Harman Kardon Onyx Mini worth RM699. Typically, Maxis offers the Galaxy S10 series in three options – Zerolution 360 (Leasing), Zerolution (normal installments) and on a normal contract for a period of 24 months.

Below are the full bundle prices for the Galaxy S10, S10 + and S10e:

Samsung Galaxy S10 + (128GB -> 512GB)

Zerolution 360
MaxisONE Scheme 128/158/188 – RM135 / month

MaxisONE Scheme 128 – RM157 / month
MaxisONE Scheme 158 – RM154 / month
MaxisONE Scheme 188 – RM152 / month

Normal Contract
MaxisONE 128 Scheme – RM3,299
MaxisONE Scheme 158 – RM2,999
MaxisONE 188 Scheme – RM2,699

Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB

Zerolution 360
MaxisONE Scheme 128/158/188 – RM126 / month

MaxisONE Scheme 128 – RM137 / month
MaxisONE Scheme 158 – RM134 / month
MaxisONE Scheme 188 – RM132 / month

Normal Contract
MaxisONE 128 Scheme – RM2,899
MaxisONE Scheme 158 – RM2,599
MaxisONE 188 Scheme – RM2,299

Samsung Galaxy S10e 128GB

MaxisONE 98 Scheme – RM95 / month
MaxisONE Scheme 128 – RM93 / month
MaxisONE Scheme 158 – RM91 / month
MaxisONE Scheme 188 – RM88 / month

Normal Contract
MaxisONE 98 Scheme – RM1999
MaxisONE 128 Scheme – RM1,899
MaxisONE 158 Scheme – RM1,599
MaxisONE 188 Scheme – RM1,299

Please note, for the usual contractual plans, that an advance payment varies between RM396 – RM954. This will be repaid according to your monthly bills to offset your use. The advance payment can be waived for Maxis touring customers that existed with them for at least one year. The amount shown above is for the device only and does not include the monthly post-subscription cost.

The pre-booked promo ends on 27 February 2019 and Maxis will start submitting the devices on March 8, 2019. If you are interested, you can place your order in advance at the Maxis online store. line.

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