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Kevin Durant and Draymond Green's Warriors' drama explained in 7 events


The tenure of Kevin Durant with the Golden State Warriors feels as if it came to an accident landing it and for everyone who surrounded the incredible NBA strand. His latest breakdown led to Draymond Green to stop a single game match for the team's heart, and the rest of the league now reads the disorganized state of the loyal champions back as an open book.

Green said he called Durant repeatedly "b ****" and faced him alone, it might be inevitably a free agency decision that this team would always plan get it.

There were small flavors over the years ahead, and the Durant and Green publishers wrote in this script long ago.

Here's a short list of how we got here with the greatest variety of teacher, from star, from athletes to share court in the NBA.

July 4, 2016: My Next Chain becomes viral

Durant made her announcement to leave Oklahoma City in the form of a Tribune Players announcement. Even today, we see the mice. With braided arms, wearing a white white shirt that wants to be picture pictures as the leading image for the story, Durant has set himself up for disgrace.

Anytime anything has gone out of place is a Warriors franchise, Durant's memes wearing that shirt with another team logo with text cover "My Next Chapter" becomes viral. Whenever another team in any sport wins a championship, the meme continues.

The joke is simply that Durant joins teams that were great before he came there – a theme that does not look comfortable still live.

January 7, 2017: Draymond argues with KD in the middle of a 24 point drop

The first minor dispute between Green and Durant became an early occupancy. Although Golden State was in the process of surrendering a 24-point leader to losing Grizzlies, Durant woke up in court.

Green frustration grew for the polar opposite a reason that Durant would be angry at him for a year later. According to two points in the last seconds of the game, Durant dropped out of the clock and entered three left – which lost – instead of moving the ball.

It did not mean too much at the time, and it ended in shaking hands. This was just the beginning.

February 4, 2017: Draymond and KD argue again in the bench

Only a month for Green and KD to take place they left, except for this time Durant went back. The dispute came during a rainy night when Durant shot badly from the field (2 of 10) and losing Warriors to the Royal King's team.

After the game, Draymond was trying to download the argument on Snapchat, saying "Blah blah blah."

From the current Golden State of Mind Warriors site:

But, for real, nothing big. This is not the first time or the last time Draymond has hiding in another member of a team, and this is not the first time or last time that Durant has stood alone. This is what happens when you play badly, and here's how good teams are getting better. By speaking out their differences. Clearing the sky, no matter how public.

September 2017: Instagram burning accounts are discovered Kevin Durant

Despite winning a title and getting everything he wanted to move to Oakland, Durant took a private Instagram account to return to his opponents under an unknown person who was bent.

He said things like this:

And it always came to the NBA theme jokes.

He apologized for him:

June 9, 2018: David West and Shaun Livingston find something that is happening

The 2017-18 Warriors season was slog, but there was not much public dispute between Durant and any of its fellow members. There was narratives to the media that the ball was not split well enough, and a constant debate about whether the teams belonged to Steph Curry or Durant, but nothing was faced with it.

After the team won a second consecutive title, however, overcoming a difficult team of Rockets along the way, David West revealed that something was happening behind the curtains, saying that people be surprised when it comes out.

"Listen to Steve Kerr for dealing with all the B.S. This year," Livingston also said after the win, according to ESPN Mark Spears.

Was West and Livingston referring to the Durant Green cut?

June 12, 2018: GM Bob Myers was wkward

In the Warriors championship, Bob Myers, the general manager of the Warriors, and coach Steve Kerr, play-in broadcaster Bob Fitzgerald joined M.C. in front of fans. When Fitzgerald asked jokingly if the agent of Durant was able to sign what contract he liked to Steph Curry, it was astonishing things.

Reporter: I heard you tell Steve that Kevin Durant could get whatever contract he wants it next year.

Myers: She was just for the media that could not get anything.

Kerr: Mid!

Reporter: Because I think I've heard that you tell Steph, he could have any contract that he wanted too.

Myers: Well, that's different. It has been here since the days-before. It has won itA.

Reporter: And then the Warriors co-ordination ended there.

Myers apologized for him, but claimed that there were no hard feelings between him and Durant, which is often a joke for such things. "It's OK," says Myers, according to Anthony Slater of Athletics. "We're laughing at him. No suggestion (unfortunately) at all. I did not think about (any objections) at the moment."

However, the joke was bizarre and cut the worst.

November 13, 2018: Durant and Draymond are still debated

With Curry out of an injury, Green dipped a board of Durant's understanding in the last moments of tightening the Clippers. With Durant standing at the back while relaxing for the ball, the green green up the floor and turned over, sending the game in overtime.

Durant was pissed.

He is called Green as the name Durant "and b ****," and faces him for his lack of transparency for his forthcoming free agency decision. They did not talk to the media after the game, and the following day, Green was green and fined.

After Durant led the Warriors to win the following night without Green, he told the media that he had not yet spoken to Green.

Reporter: Are you and Draymond able to get anything out?

Durant: Nah.

Reporter: Do you see that happen at any time soon?

They say: I'll sure we will. Have long been a long time.

Reporter: Did he cross the line with anything last night said?

Durant: I'm going to keep that inside. That's what we do here. Obviously, I'll know that you have someone to do, but I do not try to put any headings to anyone. What happened, happened. We're trying to move on, play basketball.

Green has not responded publicly yet, but Durant's brother has already pressed Instagram:

When the play goes from here, it could make this dust look foolish, or it could be a turning point that can end up again.

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