Thursday , June 30 2022

Judd Trump sets up Neil Robertson’s final with a win over Lu Ning


Judd Trump sailed to the UK Championship final with a 6-2 win over Lu Ning at Milton Keynes.

World number one faces a clash with Neil Robertson on Sunday after the Australian qualified for the final earlier in the day.

UK Championship

Robertson and Trump’s neck and neck in the UK Championship final


Trump grabbed the first frame after an excellent early display saw him hit a cut of 66 in response to Lu’s 51.

Trump is making a century in the semi-finals

Lu then cruised to the second frame to level the scores, but a century of 107 put Trump ahead yet again, needing six for an overall victory and the chance of winning yet another graduation event.

The fight will be best remembered for Trump’s fourth-largest attempt in the fourth frame, featuring a stunning shot that saw him lead the white ball off the chin and towards the black. The black 13th failed but still moved two ahead.

‘That’s a shame!’ – Trump fails in a bold 147 attempt

The Chinese player was the right-hand side of frame 69-56 to halve the deficit to one frame, but Trump’s other half-century saw him pull two ahead again at once.

Lu seemed to be struggling with frustration as he watched his opponent run away with the fight, rubbing his forehead, shaking his head and seemingly lightly punching his eyebrows repeatedly as’ the last frame but one slip from it.

With Lu’s spirit broken, Trump rallied relentlessly through the final frame with a beat of 113 to claim an easy victory.

UK Championship

Trump pulls off a stunning plant in the final of the UK Championship


UK Championship

‘Another one for the highlight reel!’ – Trump nails a long pot


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