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Jose Mourinho, Man Utd manager, takes significant steps before the toughest week of the Football season | Sports


Mourinho was the longest commute this morning after spending Sunday at home in London after lunch at Saturday over Bournemouth.

Manchester United left her late, coming from a goal behind injury time thanks to Marcus Rashford.

Mourinho described the first half so terrible and admitted that they were lucky to continue to be in the game.

Once facing a huge week with the coming of Juventus and Manchester City – two teams who could take advantage of the slack defense show in the Vitality Stadium.

The Mourinho side goes to Turin on Wednesday asking for a result after the game in the return games and Valencia abolition.

Then they traveled across the city to Etihad after their 6-1 Southampton demolition.

Dinas has already built a nine-point leader over United States and has extended that up to 12 will end with any hope that United will regain the title.

But Mourinho is hopeful that the results of improvement in recent weeks will build enough momentum to make back to the top four.

At the moment they are seventh, four points behind Tottenham fourth, and finally they have a positive positive difference.

United has been astonishing at the end of this season, giving 18 goals in 11 games.

In comparison, Dinas has allowed four, Liverpool five and Chelsea eight.

Eight eight teams under United in the league have agreed less – including Newcastle fourth-bottom.

"We were a very lucky team," said Mourinho after the Bournemouth match.

"It was the first half that, possibly, a game over, 5-2, 6-2 was easy, and in the second half until we scored, I felt we were ; n very unlucky team because we should score three, four, five goals.

"We were very bad, horribly awful. And I'm not just looking for defendants, as a team we were not starting to weigh up, the work we did during the week.

"People who watch this game will not believe how hard we were working this week. The first half was a disaster.

"This is what we call a two-half game. In the first half, Bournemouth was the best team in a long way and in the second half, we were not the best team at a distance.

"We have a great character and the heart that there is any result, the game has not come to an end and we're going to the end.

"I try to find the balance where we are developing the team second, the third phase of the attack. When we manage, we have no problems, but when the opponent is in control we do it. "

But Juan Mata demands that United continues to be confident going into the big week, but it's been called one of the hardest seasonal weeks.

"The 2-1 back-to-back wins have given us the confidence we need to face one of the toughest weeks of the season," said the Unified playground.

"In order to visit both Juventus and Manchester City in the four-day period, it's a big challenge that the games list has been given in advance, and we are is going towards it with the best motivation. "

The mood in United has transformed from a month ago when the bad players of four games left without winning the players too confidently and Jose Mourinho fought for his work.

United is performing a lot better and Mata says he will come after winning in Bournemouth on Saturday, with a 90 minute goal of Marcus Rashford boosting their self-belief.

"I beat Bournemouth, a team that had only lost two games in 10 games, it was very positive," said Mata.

"We were able to continue well after the victory against Everton. We had to come behind us, not for the first time, and it was not easy, but we took the three points in Stopping time is a special feeling.

"Perhaps the best thing of the victory was to know that our fans would travel along the way home happy".

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