Sunday , January 23 2022

Huawei Ushers Customers in Smartwatch's Life of Endurance


Huawei sets a new benchmark in technology wires with the launch of the Huawei GT Watch, by introducing the concept of GT into the DNA from its smart wires.

Having inspired by Gran Turismo (GT), which is synonymous with a high performance sports car and translated as a long distance journey, Huawei Watch GT redefines the restrictions in Conventional smartwatch battery life and manufacturers manufacturers in a period of endurance.

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For the urban auditor and the 21st century adventure, long battery life is essential to the efficiency and success of a device. To present the concept of & # 39; GT & # 39; In DNA and the smartwatch, Huawei turned the pages of history to draw inspiration from the Automobile industry. In the 1960s, high-speed cars, known as "GT", came to market, as a solution to the cars of small machines to provide for long distance driving.

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Huawei focuses on giving users access to top quality technology, innovative devices and exceptional quality products, to develop more meaningful ways of keeping contact. Supporting a 2-week ultra-long use with low power consumption, Huawei Watch GT is a life assistant for professional and smart services and also features elegant design. It's similar to a high performance sports car as it integrates powerful functions and specifications to a compact 10.6mm body for the ultimate expression of classical design of coal styles.

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Features of Huawei Watch GT:

  • 39 "AMOLED HD touch color screen for a better solution to help see more and better
  • Safeguard power safely for liquidation over a 2 week period
  • Dual engine architecture for less energy
  • GPS locates more accurately
  • Monitor smarter heart rate
  • More exercise exercises
  • Scientific training system
  • Better professional daily monitoring
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