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Here's the best pimple video from 2018 – so far


  • INSIDER has collected some of the most popular plumbing videos seen from 2018 to date.
  • Pimpio shortcomings, turn off now.
  • Warning: This post includes graphic videos and images.

Even if you love pimple videos and pop-up videos or even videos, you have to agree that they have a power to wait. The trend continues to thrive online, and the genre has even expanded to mainstream TV with the premiere of the new TLC series Dr Pimple Popper earlier this summer.

Throughout the year, we are here in INSIDER tied through this continuous infusion of new pop-up content, looking for the best chest, blackhead and lipoma videos.

And while not over the year, we've already encountered some real games. Here's a list (with no special order) of 2018 the best, most expensive, most stunning pimple pops to date. Stay calm as the months go on – INSIDER will update this post as a new and worthy pop.

1. The Perfect Dr Pimple Popper DPOW

No list of pimple pop-up videos would be complete without some content of the genre's relevant queen: California dermatologist, YouTuber, and TV star Dr. Sandra Lee, a.k.a. Dr. Pimple Popper. And what better to start this list than to highlight one of Lee's most beloved videos from 2018?

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As a result, she's one of the most popular pops of this year, with 8.2 million views, a video released in January. It contains a dilated worm pore (DPOW) – in essence, a large blackhead that clocks a single, extended pore. Go to the one-minute mark for the first large press.

2. The "50-year-old blackheads" around the eyes

There is something about an advanced pimple age that makes ultra-powerful pop. In order to know that a hooded pore has not touched in years, or even decades, the gun is eliminated inside is all more satisfactory.

So, it's not surprising that more than 2.4 million people watch this video with dozens of 50-year-old men cluttered around a man's eye. I was posted in March by a dermatologist and cosmetologist. Lalit Kasana in India, who used a simple technique – two tips and lightweight pressures – for the 14 minute extraction session. Can not get enough? Another video is dedicated to the blackheads around the patient another eye.

3. And stribed pore saga

Every once a while, a great DIY video is competing with offering YouTube's benefits. This video, which was posted to Reddit & s / r / popping community in April, is one example of this.

She shows a woman picking up a total of 16 grid strips off her back, dredging hundreds of fingers in the process. INSIDER interviewed Kevin Andrew, the man in the video, who said his doctor blamed the clogged dirt on the exposure of the sun. Dermatologists call those types of sunheads sunshine comedy.

Millions of dunes on the back o r / popping

4. Blackhead ear that's worth the wait

The YouTube channel 澄 熒 SPA – which is led by a real life spa in Taiwan – is a hidden treasure in the popping world. It has only 97,000 subscribers (compare it to 4 million Dr. Pimple Popper) but it often includes the blackheads inside the most common ear on the internet. Remember that the viral video with two earpieces that was one big pimple? That was from 澄 熒 SPA.

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Video 澄 熒 SPA this year has not let down, either. The most recent, published in July, again shows another earpiece that splits two separate grazing. An incredibly slow start starts as the technician grows the skin with a pair of donors, but it's worth waiting for the pay charge in the three-minute mark.

5. The patient is very brave & # 39; with falls on his peers

With 5.2 million views of this writing, this video from January is one of the most watched Dr Pimple Popper of the year. But it's not about pimples at all.

Instead, it emphasizes calcinosis cutis – the scientific name for calcium deposits in the skin that is apparently as small bumps. The patient in this video happens to have hundreds of them, each one based on his screen.

The obstacles are painless and in good faith, according to a paper published last year at the Journal of Medical Medical Reports. But Lee's video reminds viewers that even innocent technology devices can have very very negative effects on the patient's life. (Indeed, Lee told INSIDER recently that she was always trying to present this message into her videos.)

Watch Lee Press and delete the following barriers, and you will see exactly why this patient called "very brave."

6. The mitigation extraction session

If you love relaxation sessions, you'll love following the aesthetics of Brown Brown. You will not find blood bleeding or fly aviation on its YouTube channel. But you'll see dozens of long videos that Brown cleanses ever clogging pores, for example, explaining each stage of the process in his joyful voice.

This acne-extractive video from January has taken 7.5 million vacation, making it Brown's re-popular world ever. The pimple that she can see in the five minute mark is one to remember.

7. Cottage cottage chest

Maybe the most pop-up news came in February, when Lee announced that she would play a part in her own TV series on TLC, titled "Dr Pimple Popper." That's OK: Popping has gone literally.

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The show follows Lee as she treats patients with even more dramatic skin conditions than those that are usually seen on her YouTube channel. The premiere started on July 11 with a bang – more specifically, with the "biggest lipoma" that Lee has ever taken. But the second episode included a truly unforgettable bug, filled with a gun that looked very like a cottage cheese.

In the episode, a patient from the name Ronen is trying to help Lee with a painful chest on her leg that has been growing for decades. As soon as Lee's slices are in it, there is a cascade of wet skin cells, dead growing out. The volume of the quest is stunning.

Unfortunately, a complete video of this pop is not available on social media, but you can see an overview below, and the whole episode is available to streamline on the TLC website. It's worth selling this one to take the time to watch.

8. The syst that looks like an eyeball

This video from Dr Pimple Popper from November is stolen from the name "Cystil Pilar for the Books." That is not an overstatement.

A huge pilar quest in the patient that appears – a kind of unfair growth that almost always happens on the skin of the head.

Go ahead to 1:53 and you will see the wall of the quest looking at it by the Lee attack in the skin. At that moment, she looks like a creepy, cloudy, zombie-esque eye ball. (On her Instagram page, Lee compared the growth to the unwatched character Mike Wazowski of the movie "Monsters, Inc.") The rest of the pop is just as attractive. Do not lose the small explosion of cyst guns near the 4:03 mark.

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