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Creative director of the new NYC Playboy Club says it is looking for 2 specific attributes when hiring Playboy Bunny – and there is one red flag that will keep someone from getting the job



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  • About 40 Playboy Ravens work at the recently opened Playboy Club in New York City.
  • Richie Notar, the club's creative director, told Business Insider that there are two main things that they are looking for when hiring Bunny.
  • They want the Bees to have a warm disposition that makes people feel fast when they walk in the door, and to have something interesting happening in their lives outside & # 39; the work.

About 40 Playboy Ravens work at the recently opened Playboy Club in New York City – all of which were carefully selected.

The club's creative director, Richie Notar, told Business Insider there are two main things they are looking for when hiring Bunny to work at the club.

First of all, they are looking for people with a warm and welcoming disposition.

"Because of the cruel and terrible world in New York City, you walk through those doors and you're like walking into a house, and you're get someone with a smile and look at them, "said Notar at Business Insider. "You do not like, uh, order, and I want an eye eye link."

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When someone makes a customer feel very fast when they walk in the door, he makes a difference to all the experience in the club, he says.

"From that point, what's happening is the food they eat better, the board is more comfortable," said Notar. "Everything seems better when you feel like you in good hands."

Notar said they were also looking for candidates that have something interesting in their lives outside the work.

"One of the things that I would like to do … is to focus on people who have something interesting outside," said Notar. "I want them to be interesting in different ways other than just bringing you to you."

Dental hygiene is a member of the club staff, along with an opera singer who agreed to sing a "happy happy birthday" to a customer, much to the delight of Notar.

Of course, previous hospitality experience is a bonus, says Notar. "But my philosophy has always been, you have to start with a good person."

If there is one thing, Notar will not tolerate a possible Rabbit, it's a feature.

In New York, he said, "the worst restaurant they like, I do it for you by letting you go." There are many attitude. No aspect of my work. "

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