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Brazilian Grand Prix: Lewis Hamilton on the pole, Sebastian Vettel second; latest updates F1 | Sports


Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton starts the pole in the Brazilian Grand Prix, with Sebastian Vettel second on the grid (Image: GETTY)

Hamilton made a good start in front of the grid but the fast Red Bull from Verstappen was closed.

Ultimately, the Dutchman established what looked like an unexpected leader.

But when he tried to wrap Ocon on lap lap 44, the Indian police drove in his way to send him spinning off the track.

Hamilton fired into the lead as Verstappen was restored to stay in the second.

Although he scored time off the leader throughout the race, he ran out of laps and the Brit was able to continue the Mercedes championship in the process.

Hamilton celebrates

Hamilton wants his victory in Brazil (Image: GETTY)


Hamilton on Verstappen / Ocon collision

"I happened and there was something that I was surprised. I saw their racing.

"They did not race for the same situation. Max was able to continue.

"Max is something getting someone, and they're all often squeezing."

Hamilton on the title of buddugol & # 39; constructors; Mercedes

"These men have worked so hard over the past six years, it has been an incredible journey.

"This is what we have worked for every day. I have always said it was such a great honor to drive for them. We sat down at one stage.

"We had problems with the engine. I'd like to thank everyone. The team gives me the tools and I'll do the best I can."

Feary Verstappen responds to Ocon Smash

"We did everything today. It was a kind of illegal that he was pulled out as he was killed.

"I think the race is better than we're expecting today. The car worked well.

"The strategy works well. I'm happy with the second, but we should have won today."


Hamilton celebrates his victory (Image: GETTY)


The Brit claimed to be tenth of the season after a late pay by Verstappen.

It was fortunate that the Dutchman had been forced by the track by Esteban Ocon earlier in the race.

But he showed a great discipline as tires declined towards the end.

Instead, Raikkonen still has a third of Ricciardo to claim the last place on the podium.

Mercedes has also won the builders' championship.

Lap 68

Maybe I've spoken too soon. Vertsappen has now cut Hamilton lead to 1.5s.

Prepare for an incredible finish.

Lap 65

Verstappen will go away from these slips.

Although he eats away in Hamilton, he is urged at 2.4 years old, he's probably too big.

Lap 63

Ricciardo sets up the fastest game of 1.11.343

Lap 62

We are approaching a roaming time in Brazil.

Verstappen is just 2.5 behind Hamilton's leader and earns him all over the time.

He has nine voices to pass.

Lap 59

Ricciardo wears Bottas in the interior and is up to the fourth.

No Bottas could do so – it's been on the cards for some time.

As it stands, however, Mercedes will continue to be interpreters champions

Lap 56

Ocon was given a 10-minute penalty for his confrontation with Verstappen.

India Police driver down in 14th.

Lap 55

Hamilton could be ready to bend as he asks if anyone has trouble with their eyes over the radio.

Lap 52

Verstappen closes on Hamilton at a scary rate for Brit.

Nearly 0.2 is a laptop and his team tells him: "You have just given your best best sector there, you have still done this."

Meanwhile, Vettel stops again and no one is absolutely sure why. It will come back in the seventh but it will be pretty fast until the sixth.


Ricciardo sets the fastest gear (Image: GETTY)

Lap 50

Ricciardo is in the fifth place closing at Bottas and just 0.6 behind Mercedes, who has problems even though Hamilton is leading.

Verstappen is still on the front that lost at that strange event.

Lap 45

"What's f ***** g idiot", Verstappen says over the radio.

Red Bull's head, Christian Horner, phones at the pool lane – and right then.

That was an incredible thing from Ocon and the event is being investigated.

Verstappen is still faster than Hamilton and his team tells him to calm down.

Lap 44

An awesome drama here as Verstappen conflicts with Esteban Ocon – who can not go out of the road despite being a lap down!

Hamilton comes in to the front but Verstappen succeeds in recovering to continue.


Esteban Ocon and Verstappen conflict (Image: GETTY)

Lap 40

Ricciardo goes into the pools that leave Hamilton and Verstappen as the two foreheads.

The speed of the Netherlands is too big for Hamilton as he passed by him and recovered the leader.

Verstappen was also told that his tires were much more fresh than Hamilton. Could all this be over?

Lap 36

Verstappen is tired and comes out in front of Bottas to third. Behind Hamilton is just over second.

Daniel Ricciardo is the current racing leader but has not yet been.

This could be an epic battle between Hamilton and Verstappen.

Lap 34

Apology for Nico Hulkenberg Renault who has forced to retire with impairment.

It sounds suddenly over the radio.


Verstappen flies completely in Brazil (Image: GETTY)

Lap 31

Verstappen sets the fastest fastest gear and Hamilton is not happy.

"You need to give me something, I have these men in front of me. Tell me what I need to do," he said.

Lap 28

Vettel has bent and comes back ninth.

Lap 26

Verstappen – who has yet to push – has led a massive 8.2s over Raikkonen in the second.

Hamilton asked his team if they had lost land as he says his tires do not feel good.

However, they tell him that he makes earnings on the leader.

Lap 22

MANAGING Marcus Ericsson after eviction

"I can not drive this," he told his team.

Lap 20

Hamilton talks to his team:

"Box, box, Box, box," they say.

"I have another lap in me," he said.

"No, Box number, box. Box, box," he said.

He is going to go, but it's just once in 2.6 seconds.

He comes behind Romain Grosjean's seventh but does not wear and pass it in the first attempt.

Bottas has also been in and is on average tires.

Lap 18

Raikkonen closes on Bottas as they fight six times.

It's just a while before it passed.

In the meantime, Fernando Alonso appeared to stand in the ponds. Ferrari is also preparing for a pond.

Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton has now made a pitch stop on a medium door (Image: GETTY)

Lap 15

The top ten present

1 Hamilton

2 Overload

3 Bottas

4 Raikkonnen

5 Vettel

6 Ricciardo

7 Leclerc

8 Grosjean

9 Magnussen

10 Perez

Lap 13

Verstappen is completely flying and Hamilton will see her in her dreams OK.

He has shaken 0.3 seconds from front, though Hamilton increases his own pace.

In another place, Riccardo was told that Bottas was having a bad deal.

"The Mercedes is not really fast at the moment," said Red Bull engineer.

Lap 10

Verstappen is less than half a second behind Bottas to enter a nine lap – and he completes an inevitable pass on the next horn.

She's up to a moment and Hamilton should be worried.

Lap 5

This is the perfect start for Mercedes as Verstappen transports Vettel with an incredible late movement.

It has now set its eyes on Bottas – which needs to increase its speed.

His Red Bull Daniel Riccardo team has also flew past Charles Leclerc at sixth. Amazing things from Red Bull.

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen has fought his way up to the second (Image: GETTY)

5.14pm: Vettel goes well but Hamilton is still on and on.

Then, Vettel closes his tires and Bottas passes, while Raikkonen leapfrogs Verstappen is fourth.

We have Mercedes one after Lap 1.

5.00pm: Marcus Ericsson Sauber – who is the best sixth on a grid career – is experiencing some racial problems because he has lost some dispersion.

One of the team engineers said: "We lost part of the extractor in the game but I hope we'll set it up for race start.

"It could be better but I hope we'll be able to solve it."

4.55pm: Just 15 minutes until we go ahead in Sao Paulo.

It is now reported that there is a 60 per cent chance chance so that we could be set for an absolute cracker.

Brush you in!

Marcus Ericsson

Marcus Ericsson has lost some of a scatter (Image: GETTY)

4.46pm: Not currently and Mercedes Toto Wolff's main team are doing today's Ferrari favorites. This is what he said before the race.

"They're on the firmest tires for the race and they have a disadvantage at the beginning but there is a big advantage over the first 10 or laps, which in our models show them as the best to win."

4.40pm: Incredibly, Hamilton has never won a race after claiming the title.

He has won the title four times before the final race of the season.

Can I break that hoodoo today? His individual work could be done but Mercedes needs his help as they look to get rid of the title of the producers.


Hamilton waves in the crowd before race (Image: GETTY)

4.35pm: Weather update – According to the forecast, we are looking at a 50 percent chance today.

Ferrari and Mercedes look boring and say they have no idea what to do.

4.30pm: Hamilton may have extended the driver's title in Brazil – but Ferrari is still in a little chance of winning the builders' championship.

They need to force Mercedes by 13 points today to prevent them from claiming their fifth crown in a row.

That would take her to the last season of the season in Abu Dhabi.

Toto Wolff

Main Mercedes, Toto Wolff, hopes to lead them to the fifth consecutive starters championship (Image: GETTY)

4.20pm: Quick reminder of what happened qualify.

Hamilton left to ring Sergey Syrotkin after both breaks almost C2.

Sirotkin came within an inch of Hamilton Mercedes when he was on lap when he flew past the inside – just as he was moving in.

And Hamilton had some wise words for 23 year olds.

"Between all the drivers, we all know keep our place by that point so it was generally a quite disturbing movement.

"I was trying to get out of a way and then reached the corner and slowed.

"It was something weird, it was quite unnecessary because he had a place away. Ultimately, his knee and knee were not great.

"I hope he can learn from her."

We made a lot of difference claiming Hamilton to be the first place – and this is how the grid's front is shaping up.

1: Lewis Hamilton, 2: Sebastian Vettel, 3: Valtteri Bottas, 4: Kimi Raikkonen, 5: Max Verstappen, 6: Daniel Ricciardo

Sergey Syrotkin

Sergey Syrotkin was criticized by Hamilton for his qualified antics (Image: GETTY)

4.10pm: Good afternoon and welcome to live coverage of the British Grand Prix Play Sports.

Lewis Hamilton's five-year world champion is on the pole despite a difficult qualifying session.

The Brit was close to a C2 deficit but it was restored to the Sebastian Vettel pip, which starts from the second on the grid.

It will look too cement with another victory. Can you do that? Wait with us to find out. The race starts in an hour.

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