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Yuri Veklenko flew with an adequate team to Tel Aviv: a suitcase – a mommy talisman gift | Names


Yuri Veklenko, who came to Vilnius Airport early on Sunday morning, seemed to never happen. Soon, more people came to support – song fans, including Justina Budaitė-Juna, the performer, and Martynas Tyla and Neringa Zeleniūtė, who went to this year's national selection.

Also the entire Lithuanian delegation to its head Audrius Giržadas. The whole team flew to Israel, where Yuri will achieve one of his greatest life dreams – representing Lithuania in the Eurovision competition.

Photo by Luke April / 15min / Juris Veklenko's Moments

Photo by Luke April / 15min / Juris Veklenko's Moments

Yuri Yuri, who was born in Klaipeda, and his mother Svetlana and brother Vitaly, said goodbye earlier – the artist had the opportunity to return to his hometown, where he visited Holland's hat, Nida, for several photo sessions.

"I was recently called by a mother and said she was guilty of going out," Yuri asked, asking her loved ones.

Photo by Luke April / 15min / Juris Veklenko's Moments

Photo by Luke April / 15min / The Moment of Jury Veklenko

In fact, Yuri's brother was a little shortage, who also boasts his excellent vocal abilities and supports him in the choice. to go to Israel.

However, after discussing with the producers, it was decided to stay on the original design – on the big stage, only the girls would be supported by Yuri, but going to Tel Aviv, is not & # The only representative of Lithuania women is a problem.

"I like this train – five girls with you. What could be better, I am Sheikh music," Yuri shouted.

Moments of Melting in the Gallery:

Yuri militant always enjoyed the night before the plane slept perfectly, and sometimes there was a nice hurricane of Eurovision travel performer already patrolling a proven methodology. There seems to be a need to look after the stomach.

“You need a good meal to have a good night's sleep. That's the secret, ”he said.

Wake up at 4 pm 15 minutes. and, ready for the airport lightly, Yuri admitted that he had packed his suitcase at ease. As the stage clothes and costumes Yuri decorate on the opening day of the competition, he had to be packed in one suit. And with that he settled quietly on Saturday night.

Since the real summer in Israel began in May, Yuri is in a suitcase, as she says, just shorts and a light shirt.

“What more do I have 3 caps? It doesn't cause headaches and I have a case without stress, ”the performer adds.

Photo by Luke April / 15min / Juris Veklenko's Moments

Photo by Luke April / 15min / Juris Veklenko's Moments

Along with Yuri, Tel Aviv is flying one very special thing – a small sculpture of an elephant donated by a mother called one of his most important speaker.

And although the trip to Tel Aviv started very early, asking what Yuri planned to do in a new country, he didn't need to look for a solution for a long time. "I'm looking for a gym – he responded straight away." "I don't know what others are going to do, but I'll definitely go to the gym."

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