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V. Adamkus did not take part in the introduction of his new book: doctors did not allow them


The presentation was attended by the composer, the poet and the critic of the book Arnas Ališauskas, Marijonas Mikutavičius, Audrius Matonis. Their discussion was moderated by Rimvydas Valatka.

R.Valatka in discussion said that the main duty of politicians is to speak exactly and stressed that the importance of V. Adamkus for Lithuania is proven by the fact that hundreds of people gather when presenting their language collections. He noted that V. Adamkus was not depressed in his speeches, and rarely appeared in them.

Arnas Ališauskas, the bookmaker, with President Valdas Adamkus, who started working 20 years ago, and during this time, V. Adamkus always meant his own speech.

Balkūnas spiders / 15 minutes of lunches / Presentation of the book

Balkūnas spiders / 15 minutes of lunches / Presentation of the book "I'm one of you" by Valdek Adamkus

"The final editor, the last point, the final plan of mind has always been President Adamkus," said A.Ališauskas.

The final editor, the last point, the final plan of minds has always been President Adamkus.

According to A.Alisauskas, the dialogue culture promoted by V. Adamkus began the Antanas Smetonas intelligence environment during childhood, and later formed by life in the USA.

V. Adamkus's main source of linguistic vector, constantly repeated motivation, said the compiler was dignity.

"Are you a holy father, or do you have a pity yourself? Are you politics, are you a pupil? You have dignity that no one has the right to cope, "said A.Ališauskas. In urging the dignity, he said, V. Adamkus tried to ban people from being a companion company.

On the one hand, A. Alisauskas, speaking on the selection of speeches, wanted to show how the international situation in Lithuania changed during the presidency year V. Adamkus, on the other hand, to reveal how presidential work is often multi- directional and at the same time.

According to A.Alisauskas, V. Adamkus's speeches have become more logical over time, but they have not always lost the grain they have ever received.

At the event, Marijonas Mikutavičius admitted to a dissatisfied language. "In many cases they seem to us, even if they are, they are just empty and emotional," said Mikutavičius, adding that in the eyes of many politicians who did not believe what they were talking about .

The book, M. Mikutavičius, said he had defeated within 40 minutes – having read the foreword and appeals referred to the president. M. Mikutavičius commented all V. Adamkus's comments, he calculated and shared the results with the audience.

"What do you think, in what words did Valdas Adamkus in his speech often start? What is the call?" M. Mikutavičius asked. According to him, this word – "Dear Sirs", in repetitions speeches 70 times. The second most common application is "Women and Gentlemen", which was repeated 68 times. Vardino M. Mikutavičius and other appeals, who, according to him, were several dozen.

Balkūnas spiders / 15 minutes of lunches / Presentation of the book

Balkūnas spiders / 15 minutes of lunches / Presentation of the book "I'm one of you" by Valdek Adamkus

He said he wanted to look at the person reading the whole book – according to him, he will be an academy studying languages ​​or a stunning admiral of President Adamkus.

It was asked what song was written in V. words Adamkus, M. Mikutavičius replied: "I would have a romance to dance in the moonlight."

A.Ališauskas replied that at least two people had read the book of the first instance – he and the book editor.

Speaking about the culture of V. Adamkus, A. Matonis, in his speeches, said that the duplication of V. Adamkus's styles in the good sense – his lacquer and the comprehensive ones – had become stuck.

"Laconic language includes messages of such interference, inspire", – said A.Matonis.

According to A.Matonys, V. Adamkus drew attention to the public speaking poster, and then there appeared to be any politician's language in banalokas and spirits.

"The language of some of the politicians sounds low and boring when they start talking about problems. This has never been true with the words of President Valdas Adamkus," said A. Matonis.

According to A. Maconius, V. Adamkus did not ruin the language of reality, but he encouraged us to return the reality to work, to work to be beautiful in Lithuania.

Here A.Alisauskas remembered a V. Adamkus speech at the Farmers' Congress, as they protested and raised demand. According to the author of the book, V. Adamkus, although the advisers warned that the protesters would eat it, they went to their event and spoke a speech where he emphasized that farmers' lives will never be the same as front and need to move forward.

According to him, although V. Adamkus was injected after speaking, this was a good example of how the president did not turn his head on problems.

A.Matonis argued that V. Adamkus did not avoid arguments and criticism in the other direction.

"Even when speaking on the most painful subjects, it was avoiding personal dignity, non-service, without a diagnosis of mental health," said A. Matonis. He argued that V. Adamkus is an example of a colonist and humanist.

The book "I'm one of you. Selective Presidential Sites" by Tyto Alba Publishing House. It appeared in 2018 September The book contains presidential speeches, spoken in a 20 year period – from 1998 to 2018.

V. Adamkus Acting President of the Republic of Lithuania in 1998-2003 and 2004-2009. He was 92 years old.

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