Saturday , October 1 2022

Unexpected Hawking projections: From Catastrophic Climate Changes to Superman Race


Here are some of the most spectacular Hawking predictions.

Editing genes

The Professor anticipated that the genetic means will allow the rapid development of the "superhuman" class – the "growing race of developing people" – published in the book "Short Answers to the Big Questions" published by Stephen Hawking's death. .

Artificial Intelligence

In 2017, the teacher, interviewed by the Wired magazine, said artificial intelligence was "as a gun out of the bottle." Stephen Hawkins had fear that developing artificial information would create a "new type of life that would drive people."

Investigate a place

Hawking said, in order to ensure human survival, we will have to have other planeted colonies and solar systems. "It may be that human development (after space – autumn) is the only thing that will save us ourselves. I am convinced that people need to leave the Earth," he told the audience during the Festival Science and the Arts of Norway in 2017.

Climate change

Hawking was also worried about climate change. His concern was further enhanced by the Donald Trump election as President of the US. "Short steps (pulling back from the Paris Agreement) can move the Earth from the edge of the river, and our planet will be similar to Venus, which has a 250 degree Celsius and sulfuric acid heat," said Hawking at BBC News.

Liaise with extraterrestrial beings

He also thought that contact with extraterrestrial beings could be as desirable as we wish. In 2010, he told Channel Channel Discovery, "If the aliens visit us, the result can be the same as when Columbus discovered America – it's not good for native Americans . "

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