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The physiotherapist named the biggest back enemy and said how to protect from pain

The biggest enemy of the back is the static position

According to the “Recipe for Health” program interviewer, muscles are constantly in the same position while sitting – some are tense, while others, on the contrary, are too relaxed. As a result, the normal posture is disrupted, the natural tendencies of the spine are transformed and we begin to feel stiffness and tension pains.

Depending on the location of the pain, it is sometimes possible to say which part of our spine is in the most irregular position.

So what to do? According to the expert, if a person has to stay in a stable position for a long time, breaks need to be taken every 30 minutes but after 2 minutes and do something during it. These can be stretching exercises, walking, going to another room to bring something. Such short acting breaks can be very beneficial to our body.

It is very important that the computer at eye and chair level is so high that the feet are fully supported on the floor.

It is also possible to try to sit on an unstable surface, such as a special ball or cushion. Still, sitting on them should not completely replace sitting on a chair. It can be like exercise for our muscles – a couple of hours a day.



It can be noticed that more and more fixed jobs are being created in offices. However, standing steady, according to the expert, is also not a good option, as the most important thing is changing body position.

“If we get the chance to work sometimes sitting down, sometimes standing up, it can be an alternative. Standing still during work is not a miracle tool, because it’s still a standing position,” he explained L. Žlibinaitė.

Not only people do sedentary work, but people who stand also face pain. According to the expert, such individuals are more likely to experience lower body pain. Their calves are always tense, so there is pain in the legs at the end of the work. If you experience back pain, that’s because of an irregular posture.

It is very difficult to find a person in the right posture

“It’s very difficult to find a person in the right posture today. Seen from the front, our body should be symmetrical. Viewed from the side, the ears and The position of the head is often too forward, the shoulders are round, the back is curved, the bowl protrudes out, these are the main posture problems, says the physiotherapist .

– The worst thing is that we are already used to that irregular posture, the muscles are adjusted to that position and the right posture is no longer comfortable for us. However, it is recommended to keep thinking about your body position – the head should not be pushed forward, the shoulders should be bent together, the abdomen is easy to tension, as if we are wearing oversized jeans and we want to for them not to tighten. “



Due to incorrect posture and static position, a small or larger backpack is formed. According to L. Žlibinaitė, if we change our posture, tighten our muscles and the backpack disappears, it means we can still adjust it and it’s not a structural change yet. But if the backpack does not disappear while being stretched, more attention is needed, we must consult a physiotherapist and seek help.

The interviewee listed some tips that can help your back.

“The simplest: sit up, squat, stretch and try to compress the shoulders, bringing them closer to the spine. It’s often difficult for people to understand what’s here during exercise because the blades don’t move very easily anyway. We can also extend our arms and try to extend them, as if to achieve something, ”advised the physiotherapist.

Another exercise is to try and lean your shoulders against the wall.

An exercise for deep neck muscles is to try and push the jaw back with two fingers, but the head should not allow that movement to be performed. We push forward with our jaw and back with our fingers.

High heels should only be left for special occasions

For those who have started to strengthen muscles and exercise at home, the interconnector advises not to overdo it. According to her, beginners do not usually measure their strengths and abilities, and then muscle tension occurs, joints begin to hurt, amplitude of movement diminishes and help is needed.

Running can also seriously injure yourself.

“There are some biomechanics of running and not everyone knows about it – what part of the foot you should start to move, how to hold your hands, that you need to tighten your abdominal muscles. If we don’t know how to run, then it’s better for us to walk, “advised the interviewee.

L. Žlibinaitė notes that a new term has now emerged, known as the “text neck” – pain in the neck of smart device users. It is caused by constant gazing at smart devices with your head tilted downwards. This position of the body causes pain not only in the neck area, but also in the shoulders, upper back area, forms a chest mound, deteriorates lung function, and has a similar headache tension occurs.

Skauda nugarą

It hurts my back

“The chest muscles are shortening because we don’t need them all the way, and the ones in the back are getting longer. Lung volume is decreasing and this is significantly worsening the quality of human life, ”said the physiotherapist.

One of the methods to prevent poor posture is comfortable, tight-fitting heel shoes, and not too high. The optimum heel height is up to 2 cm. And high heels can cause varicose veins. In addition, when wearing high heels, posture changes, body mass shifts, waist orientation increases, and muscles, which are otherwise in a natural position, become more loaded .

“High-heeled fans run and run with such shoes because low-heeled shoes become uncomfortable. As with irregular posture, our body adapts to shoes. The Achilles tendon shortens, the position of the pelvis changes. As a result, the person will later need to perform special procedures or exercises to make it comfortable to walk in low-heeled shoes again, ”says the interlocutor.

Well, while sleeping, as the physiotherapist advises, you also need to try to maintain your body line. If the head is already protruding or the shoulders are rounded, the pillows will need to be higher. And for another whose posture is normal, a high pillow can cause pain.

“A very hard mattress is not recommended for people who are already experiencing any back pain. When sleeping on your back, sleeping without a pillow is recommended, but sleeping on your side – no, because the shoulder is more invasive than the head, ”said the show’s co-ordinator.

To have a healthy back, a physiotherapist advises: you need to think constantly about your posture, in all activities, whether you’re watching TV or doing housework. It is necessary to lower the shoulders, strain the abdomen, bring the shoulders together, do not put the head forward. Also limit the time spent on screens, take breaks and be as physically active as possible.

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