Sunday , August 14 2022

The motorcycle season was opened in Vilnius: hundreds of enthusiasts came to the streets


Hundreds of different club attributes and cyclists with interesting accessories have been collected at Siemens Arena. Here motorcyclists stayed not only for various concerts and games, but also for a ride on the largest Vilnius streets.

Motorcyclists who had left a Siemens arena had a full circle around Vilnius, seemed curious, reminding car drivers that there would be many roads on their roads, so they'd have to drive more carefully.

Traffic safety advisers advise them to wear bright colored clothing when talking to cyclists who have just gone to the streets, so that car drivers, without knowing that they are less than the car on the road, can see them. good.

You are also advised to remember that, after a longer break, it takes some time for all motorcycle driving skills to return. So it's better to mute the first few days quietly and not try your own options or your motorcycles.

For car drivers, safety advisers remind them that they should look at all the mirrors, not one, so that motorcyclists can get close.

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